Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is how we (BLOG) roll.

I recently moved my ever-increasing blogroll to its own page, due to the very lengthly list of people I want to share with my readers. I chose to support small, lesser known bloggers, with a few exceptions. I mean really, do we all need to blog-roll  Fashiontoast, the Style Rookie, Late Afternoon? I am confident that you all already know of of them, so why should I advertise that I do too?

Personally I find it dull to read someone's blogroll and the only people on them are all the name brand bloggers, all the big-timers. Y-A-W-N. I want to blogroll the hidden gems you may not have heard of. YET. 

There are so many sleepers, so many great up&comers, a stable of bloggy dark horses who are great reads but not so heavy on the rotation. Those big-time bloggers aren't going to have the time start up or engage in a blogger conversation the way a less trafficked blogger will. So my blog-roll is filled with people more like me, a bit off the beaten path, but so worth the view.

In addition to my blog-roll page, I will be featuring on my side bar a monthly spotlight of some of my favorite blogs from around the world. Blogs of people I can relate to and like to feel inspired by. And I think just maybe you might too. 

Consider this post is a bonus blogroll. I'd like to introduce you to 3 wonderful bloggers who have a great voice/eye/style that deserve more followers than they have. Hidden gems lying in wait for you to discover. Here they are in no particular order: 

Emily of the Daily Fashionista
The Daily Fashionista. This Virginian is a sweetfaced, sweet heart who seems to wear outfits I personally love on a daily basis. The fact that she always takes time to respond to my comments is an added plus. Emily's posts about her life in an easy-going style.

The Comtess knows how to bloom madly.
The Account of the Comtess de Ferveur. In spite of the Francophile name, this lass is pure Irish. It is apparent that she loves to shop and hits the charity shops with some frequency and posts many a pictures of items I'd love to see in my closet. She and I share a long list of common blog reads, so maybe that's why I like visiting her page so  much. She is currently working on a challenge to re-introduce 5 neglected pieces in her wardrobe and give them new life, so I am looking forward in seeing how it all turns out.

Meet the Dashing Eccentric

Closer to home is the self proclaimed "Tiny Junco" aka Steph over at the Dashing Eccentric. Living near San Francisco makes this Nor-Cal blogger virtually my neighbor. Like me, she's on the south side of uh, age thirty but has a youthful zestful spirit and a creative way with clothes to match. She introduced herself to me with an email telling me she "copycatted" an outfit I wore. And I loved her version of it, which of course looked nothing like what I wore, and exactly like her. Also a nature lover, this bright woman writes a second blog focusing on her nature photography.

So head on over, check out their blogs and introduce yourselves. They would love to hear from you.


mispapelicos said...

Very much like you to think of others, rather than your own stardom. I like you more and more everyday.
So far and so close at the same time...
I am an old friend of Comtess de Ferveur.An I am going to have a really good look at the other two. Nothing more thrilling than findind fresh bloggers full of inspiration.
Eres un ángel, guapaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Great idea! Of thought of it.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour


And thank you for including me in your list, Bella!

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Sacramento- i think it is our mutual love of you that brought the Comtess and I together. xo to you dear friend.

Vahni- I consider your blog a MUST read and could not recommend it enough to any serious blogger. It will always remain on my blog-roll.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

La belle Bella Q - you have made my week! Thank you SO much for your time and comments about my blog, it means so much. And so delighted to see comments from all my fave bloggers (including your good self) before me!
PS- I look forward to checking out the other two blogs
xxx Comtesse xxx

Sarah said...

Thank you for including me in your new blogroll -- and, wow, in your December blog feature sidebar! I do appreciate it.

You're in my sidebar. I'm pretty picky about it. I want stylish, creative, and character-filled blogs that my readers and visitors might also enjoy. That sidebar is also my main blog reading tool. I don't always have the patience to work through a reader; I prefer having that rotating collection of freshly updated friends' blogs to click to as soon as I load up my own blog. No room for clutter from blogs that don't inspire or who have never interacted with me.

I do keep a few BIG NAMES on the roll: Garance and the Sartorialist for being so inspirational to me in the beginning, and for continually prodding me to try for better pictures of people (e.g., myself). Then there's This is Glamorous, who passively inspired me to begin this blog and to take pretty still-lifes of my world. Other than that, if I feel the urge to see what BIG NAMES are up to, I know I can find 'em quickly by searching a keyword or two.

Heather Fonseca said...

Love it! Isn't it fun to find other bloggers who have a style one loves? I've found a lot of great blogs through you, so thank you for the update!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Hi Bella - you are so right, I think it is such a shame when people only put the bigger blogs on their roll. I am in the middle of putting together a separate page in the same way you have, as I am now following too many blogs to include at the side and feel so guilty that some of the people I read aren't on my page at the moment. Trouble is I am such a perfectionist I want to split them into categories to make it easier to navigate, so it is taking me ages to put together!

Marta said...

thanks for sharing with new inspiring bloggers! i will deliberately visit their blogs!

kristy said...

you're amazing!!!! these are great blog features and i can't wait to check them out. =)

Vogue Gone Rogue

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Comtesse, you really have such a wonderful spirit and a thrill for vintage. I am so glad we discovered eachother!

Cloud: I so agree. I keep a few big-timers on the blogroll, as they are prime examples of quality blogs. But I like to keep the majority a list of all the wonderful folks who blog away mostly anonymously, well at least for now!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Penny Dreadful you've got such a great blog going, and probably due to your profectionistic tendencies. When you do get my name back up on your blogroll, lol, it will be perfect timing. xo.

Marta, you are going to so love these blogs!

Thanks Kristy Elena, as always xo to you.

Anonymous said...

aw, i'm on your blogroll! wasn't expecting that. thanks so much <3

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Hey you bet, Stephanie. The more the merrier right?

A BRIT GREEK said...

Go Bella! You rock girl! Thanks for sharing the blogging love, will have to check 'em out!

Have a great week!

jemina said...

Bella darling, you always come up with Brilliant and Original ideas, that;s why I luff you babe, will def check these 3 beauties out, thanks for the heads up sweetie. you're da bomb!!!

Hugs & Kisses
J :)

The Semi Sweet said...

thanks for giving me a shout out! Your blog is seriously a bit of sunshine for me each day I get to look at it:) I wish I lived closer to see your grand opening of your store!

tinyjunco said...

!!! !!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!! !!!!!! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, i breathed into a paper bag and now i'm better - i've been noshing and sneezing(etc.)all week and just today am catching up on my blog reading. *Thank You Bella Q.!* it's especially wonderful to be featured with The Daily Fashionista and The Comtesse de Ferveur - excellent company.

i really agree with your 'blog roll' philosophy and this post idea is brilliant (not just because i'm on it....hehe!). nothing is more fun than discovering unknown gems. i know that i read certain blogs just because they tend to lead to interesting places...

Thank you again and have a great week!!! steph