Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the Refinery 29 + the Rosebud: "I'm in it, to WIN/WIN it."

My name is Bella and I am the voice and face and thought machine behind The Citizen Rosebud. I am not a model. I am an over 40, Mexican/Scot-Irish/All American  sustainable blend of thrift-store chic, and tongue-in-cheek. I weigh in at a solid likes-to-butter-her-bread 165 lbs, so I guess you might call me plus-sized. I am non-plused about this. 

I am also, by the way, entered in a blogger contest. The Refinery 29 is sponsoring a Style Blogger contest, and the winner wins a trip to New York, some pocket money and the thrill of victory. I like the prize, and my odds. I've got YOU people in my corner, and that means I've got a running chance. 'Cuz, you know, I'm in  to win it. So far I've got 50 votes in my pocket, and since the leader leads by over 250 votes, I've got some work to do.

I've also got some friends who have also entered the contest. My home-girl, Steph from The Loud Mouth is also running. Since we met as contestants in another contest last Fall, along with Brooke of Center Sage, we've all become chums. Steph and I then convinced Brooke of Center Sage to enter too, for old times' sake.

More for #team kristy connections: Then of all sweet things, Laura, yet another friendship that was struck up under the auspices of a Kristy Elena, has entered the contest.  Laura writes For Those About to Shop. A few days ago, while visiting her page I saw that she's running, click over to vote for her, and come back to her blog. It's then I read that not only is she asking her readers to vote for her in the contest, she is asking them to vote for me! This melts my heart, people! Being a team player feels so good when you have so many incredible players on your team!

Brooke needs your VOTE!

This is Brooke. 
She is a total babe. 
And she only has 7 votes
which is a shame because she deserves hundreds! 
So vote!

For Those About to Vote: Laura
This is Laura, the blogger behind For Those About to Shop. She also has an eBay store, which can be viewed right here
She too, is in it to win it over at the Refinery 29. I voted for her. Will you?

The Loud Mouth can hear you! Vote!
And then there's Stephanie. She comes armed with a large following and she's garnered over 100 votes. A peek over at her engaging blog and you'll see why. The Loud Mouth deserves your vote.

To vote: 
  1. Log into your Facebook account. 
  2. Then head on over to Refinery 29
  3. Search for the contestant's picture (I set up links to the blogger contestants, above)
  4. and click the heart next to their name.
So I'm asking you folks to vote. Of course I want you to vote for me at the Refinery 29's The Next Big Style Blogger contest. And you can vote once on as many contestants as your heart desires. So desire these lovelies as well. Because, for me, there is more than one way to win. 
And I'm not just talking about contests.           -Bella Q


kristy said...

i have voted for all you lovely ladies and have gotten my parents and boyfriend to vote as well!! i will be retweeting and posting this on facebook as well. =) and brooke will have another vote coming in because i just emailed my parents about her too. i saw her entry just a few hours ago!! =)

Marissa said...

Wait, you're over 40? When did this happen? I thought you were my age (late 20s)! Anyways, I've been voting for you, Brooke and Stephanie whenever I remember, so thank you for the reminder! :)

Anonymous said...

Bella you are the BOMB! That first paragraph is perfection. You've got mad talent love! Thank you so much for the shout. I would vote for you over and over again if I could. I've already voted for Laura and Steph as well so here's hoping one of ya'll comes out with the win and we can celebrate with tequila shots on twitter ha! Speaking of twitter, I'm off to retweet the hell out of this post now. x

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Tequila on twitter? Oh I am sooo there! I guess I'll need to figure out the twit-pic business won't I?

Heather Fonseca said...

I've voted and hearted and now you're up beyond 50 my dear! We can do it! I'll tweet you too.


Anonymous said...

Done! Vote for all you ladies and will do it again tomorrow. Good luck!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you! I am so grateful for all of you who have taken the time to go vote. Grazi!


Wow! This was so great for you to do Bella! I voted for all!

Good Luck lovelies! -xxoo


Collette Osuna said...

I saw the contest in a link today...Im off to vote for you now sweets!!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Enter my e.l.f Cosmetics Giveaway!!♥

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you Lady O Fashion!
And thank you Collete! I voted for you in the ELF contest, as well, good luck!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Hang on a mo... you're over 40? Not that, that even matters, because seriously how gorgeous are ya?!!!

Right best get voting for y'all!
p.s I love this pink top in this pic!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Oh bugger, I need a facebook account!

Anika said...

I love how supportive you are, and how funny (likes to butter her bread, love it :))I am voting for you all, and tweeting and sharing on fb, and just generally viziulizing lol. Big hugs!

Leia said...

Good luck! I hope one you fantabulous ladies wins!


Anonymous said...

Rosebud--I voted for you! Is it possible to vote for you more than once?

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Reading... reading... WHAT!? OVER 40!? Girlfriend, you don't look a day over 25. Seriously, I thought you were my age. You are straight-up HOT!!! :) But in all seriousness, I love that I feel like we're on the same level -- don't you?

Anyway, ahem, back to reading.

How kind of you to post this about all of us! You are such a sweetheart. Thank you!!!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

@Terri: You can vote for more than one contestant, but unfortunately cannot vote for a contestant more than once!

Ife' said...

FIRST OF ALL, you are NOT over 40. End of story!

okay, so I love the spirit of non-competition you've got going on here. It's like vote for me because I rock, but vote for all these other fab bloggers because they rock, too. It's a beautiful thing, really! Lol.

Well, my friend I was thinking of entering this contest too, but considering my current lack of inspiration I think I will stick to voting this time, and YOU have got my vote :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ife, we have just exchanged a flutter of twitters but let me go on record to say 1)thank you 2)lemme know when you do enter a contest, I am SOOO voting for you 3)when you visit Sactown, look me up!

JTWisdom said...

Wow, I am off to vote for you guys.

Hope ya win!