Friday, January 7, 2011

Let go, let Blog

Let go, let blog: your point of view looking back at you. 

A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation. 
                                                                                      - Andrew Sullivan

Blogging is an art, same as any other method of self-expression. Some are better at it than others.
                                                                                       -Hugh MacCleod

As I have repeatedly written in one form or other, blogging is not about writing posts... that’s the least of your challenges. No, blogging is about cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with an ever-growing online readership, and that’s hard work.
                                                                                       -Alister Cameron

Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. 
                                                                                       -Lorelle Van Fossen

I recently discovered some fantastic blogs about blogging. And for anyone who's reading this, and prides themselves on being a blogger AND wants to improve their blogging chops, take a moment and bookmark this: For Bloggers By Bloggers. From succinct articles about SEO opitimization, how to write to/for multiple audiences, and great strategies on getting your blog noticed, this blog is full of useful tips that actually work, ya know, proven advice, not just the jaw-wag of a newbie whistling her way through the woods. And speaking of proven, you of course, will love the read of Pro-Blogger, the brain baby of Darren Rowse, professional blogger. Another professional blogger who I've just discovered is Lorelle Von Flossen, and you can read her fantastic wordpress advice by clicking here.

For me, blogging is more than just online journaling, and it can be more artful than citizen journalism. For me, to be a good blogger is to be a good writer, an engaged responder, and a GREAT storyteller. A blogger is a person who wants to share a vision with the world, about their world. Blogging is the use of online media tools applied to the old fashioned craft of story-telling plain and simple. How the tools are used is up to each blogger. What's the story behind your blog? What story do you want to tell?

Blogs of a Feather: What are you doing to make your blog its BEST?

What does blogging mean to YOU?


mispapelicos said...

Hi, my dear Bella, I see you are ok...
I want my blog to grow and be liked like everybody else, but only if I do not leave myself behind; and stop touching souls.
Un abrazo muy fuerte amiga mía.

Unknown said...

I must must must improve my SEO. I love posting and relationship building, but the nuts and bolts bore me to tears. Of course, that's where the money is made!


I love those quotes! And I AM bookmarking this post to check out your links.

I won't bother to repeat what I wrote in my most recent post about this very thing...since you left me that amazing comment, I know you read it! Thank you Bella. I adore you!


Anonymous said...

To me, blogging means cultivating a more visible presence. Because enough things about the world make me frown that keeping quiet about how things look to me just seems foolish.

Anonymous said...

To me, blogging means cultivating a more visible presence. Because enough things about the world make me frown that keeping quiet about how things look to me just seems foolish.

Marta said...

inspiring post, and i will definitely visit the recommended sies! well, i am aware of the fact that i'm not really good at blogging, as i feel the presure of saying something that is constructive, or more or less readable... but when i at least find some time, i'm lacking in the 'wordable' inspiration... buuut i blog a)becasue i want to meet people b) because i am constantly looking for new inspiration c) because i am vain.
mwah! i hope that you're feeling better!

Sarah said...

Hmmh...I don't agree with Lorelle van Fossen's "unedited" quote. Both my blogs are heartily edited versions of myself. I would probably be locked up, sued, disowned if I published unedited versions of myself!

Cloud of Secrets would lose a lot of readers if they realized just how mundane my life really is. ;-) If they could see me wiping up Spaghettio smears before photographing my pretty cup of tea or whatever.

I am an admitted writing, thinking, and art exhibitionist. I could maintain a private blog or paper journal of written thoughts and pictures of pretty things, as people have done for centuries. But it's more fun for me when I know people are watching. I feel energized to do more and better when I'm answering to an audience.

It's fun to know I've touched someone, evoked a memory, inspired a creation of their own. It's exhilarating to recieve thoughtful compliments when I've done well.

My public offerings are also an interactive path toward getting to know other intriguing, inspiring people who feel the same way about blogging. I feel that I have a great "circle" of fellows now, something I wouldn't have if I'd remained a lurker.

The idea of a dance club suddenly occurred to me. I like watching others dance, and I like heading out on the dancefloor myself, for the pleasure of it and to give others something to watch. And after a while, between favorite songs, I've made friends with fellow dancefloor denizens who share an appreciation of the atmosphere and music.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Cloudy: I LOVE your dancefloor analogy! I can see where you're coming from; your blog full of is tightly written, well thought out posts. For me, I related to the unedited part because I am allowed to leave so much of me, personally as well as my personality all over my blog. When I write for the Midtown Monthly or the Midtown Bazaar blog, I try to remove large parts of myself and insert the third person perspecitve, the editorial "we." But on the Citizen, my Bella Q persona is allow to flaunt herself, her foibles and obsessions is a very "unedited" way. For me, at least this blog is an unedited version of my persona, even though the writing is worked at and crafted.

Thanks for making your point however, as I also agree with the way you see it. See you on the dancefloor.

jemina said...

I LOVE all of your posts Bella. To me Blogging is also about relationship, the give and take, meeting like minded people and of course, i think your blog really sums up what GOOD BLOGGING is all about, you GO girl!!!!!!!!!!!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you so much, JJ. I agree with you: key to blogging is the building and maintaining of relationships. Key to good/great blogging is an honest authentic voice. Just like the quality of a good friend, I look for honest, down-to-earth people with something positive to contribute. Your blog, htt:// is definitely a qualifier.

Casey said...

Maintaining relationships is definitely key, and also for me at least- not having a shtick. A shtick is like pandering to your readers and I don't appreciate it.
A blog with a point of view & a message is great, though.

Unknown said...

Great quotes, and beautiful photos. Blogging to me is some place where I can empty my head. Almost like public a journal or diary of sorts. It has been a huge self-confidence and self-esteem booster too, and a fantastic way to meet people that I would've never met before.

Isquisofrenia said...

a way to express yourself. very simple and plain for me hahah

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Simple yet effective, C.

Elle said...

Glad to have you back! You truly have a great collection of quotes on so many different things. I will definitely add these blogs to my things to read list! :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I look forward in seeing how are blogs will grow in the coming months.

My Heart Blogged said...

Blogging for me is talking about my passion, and discovering myself. While I may not get to work in the fashion industry I get this little space that is all mine to with what I please. It makes me unbelievably happy.
My Heart Blogged

Eyeliah said...

Interesting, I never though of the blog as an art form :) lovely. The blog to me is a way to connect with people.

J said...

great post!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! I love the quotes about blogging
I think I started blogging to share with others my vision on something I love and discuss it with others! I am still new at this so thanks for the blogging skills improvement website!!!$
PS : Happy new year!!!!

Lauren of FRONT ROW SPECTATOR said...

I agree you with you completely. For me, having a fashion blog is not just about uploading outfit posts, or critiques on designers, but most importantly being able to write in ways that will intrigued your audience. Being a good writer is inevitable to truly succeed in the blogging world. Blogging really is "Story-telling" of the future.

I am new to your site but you have made your way to the top of my favorite blog list because of your ability to write, as well as your interesting and unique discussions.

cheers from sunny-miami, where it's never "too cold." ;)