Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kickstart the Verge Center for the Arts

There are 15 more days to help the Verge!
Check out the clip below: 

FACT: Art lovers make better lovers.

Support the Arts! Support the Verge Center for the Arts


mispapelicos said...

I do hope it all goes well with this adventure my friend.

kristy said...

dude, verge is kick ass. that is so amazing, i'm going to donate! i just watched the entire video. they are so close to their goal, i hope they make it!!!!

and also THANK YOU for the awesome link you put in your sidebar for me. i truly appreciate it. having the support of bloggers like you makes me feel like regardless of the outcome of the contest, i'm already a winner. that might sound really cheesy, but that's how i feel. =)

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the Citizen Rosebud said...

Kristy you ARE a winner, regardless of contests. SUNGLASS HUT will be THE WINNER should you be chosen for the top spot of Full-time Fabulous.