Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are YOU a Feminista? Show it this March 16th

Fearless Femme: Do you wear your feminism on your sleeve? (Photo: Irving Penn)

Last month I asked in my post, No Man's Land: Where were the feminist fashion bloggers? There were FEMINIST blogs, and FASHION blogs, but somehow, after 2009, the feminist-fashion blogs that existed grew quiet and since, there's been a blatant void in the blogosphere. This seemed so strange to me, as Feminism and it's aim towards gender equality is alive and well in the 21st century, and many of the fashion bloggers with whom I'm acquainted, are proud and savvy feminists. So why are there no blogs or bloggers who can comfortably post about both feminism AND fashion?

To my relief, there came a response or two, then three, then four or eight, and so forth, and the reaction has since avalanched into something incredible: a renaissance of the feminist fashion blogger!

Recently, a handful of feminist bloggers and fashion bloggers  got together and formed a hybrid feminist/fashion group, and called themselves the Feminist Fashion Bloggers. Feminist Fashion Bloggers (FFB) is a network for fashion bloggers interested in feminism and feminist bloggers interested in fashion. The aim is to encourage dialogue and discussion both within and between the two blog niches and to explore the intersections and links between the two topics.

FFB is hosting a blog event to celebrate Women's History Month. 

Show us YOUR "Fashionable Feminist"
Wednesday, March 16th.
You are invited to answer the question: 
How do you express your feminism
in the way you dress?

If you would like to take part in this Fem-Fash event, you can sign-up by replying in the comments. Leave  your name, blog name and email address. All participants will be linked for the event. This will be a great way to meet like-minded people and encourage a healthy conversation!
So show off your inner Feminista this March 16th, and show us your "Fashionable Feminist"

Participating Bloggers
For those about to shop
Mrs. Bossa Does the Do
Oranges and Apples
Those Graces

(for those interested in joining the Feminist Fashion Bloggers group please e-mail-


Vix said...

Hey Bella, count me in! I've recently started attracting a fair bit of hatred for the "unconventional" way I live my life and I'm proud to stand up and be counted amongst the other strong, brave and beautiful souls. Vix xxx

mispapelicos said...

My dear Bella, I am a free spirit, and do not believe in labels, but I shall back you all the way from afar.
Mil besos siempre.

Unknown said...

I'm in! I'm just me and I am a very proud feminist.

Sarah xxx

mary van note said...

I love this idea! I want in too! Also, I live in Sacramento as well as San Francisco. Maybe we could do a feminist fashion blogger meetup?

The Style Crone said...

I have been a proud feminist since the 60's. It's a part of my identity. Thank you for bringing this idea forward!

WendyB said...

So participation is answering the questions on the 16th? I'll do it...

My Heart Blogged said...

I think Sacramento put it better than I can. I love the idea, I tend not to label myself. I do believe in equality for all genders, walks of life, and races.
My Heart Blogged

Unknown said...

Count Me In!

feministified said...

Let's do this! So. Excited.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Mary Van Note blog:

Anonymous said...

Ah! Something I've been thinking about myself lately. Such an amazing idea! I'm excited to see how different feminist fashion bloggers answer this! Count me in.

Sasha Suarez
Tastes Eclectic Fashion

Fashion FyoozD Culture said...

Well this sounds like something right up my alley:-) I would love to be apart of this so count me in!

Fashion Fyoozd Culture: