Monday, February 28, 2011

Sacramento Fashion Week: Fashion Finale

Model Behavior: Sacramento Fashion Week's Runway Shows Showcased a Pleasing Display of Model Diversity

Are you Sac-Fashion-Weeked out?
Well, as of today, Sacramento Fashion Week is over!
Saturday night was the big fashion show finale featuring seven Sacramento designers intent
on making their sartorial mark.

The Elks Tower Ballroom was filled to capacity for this event.  The crowd seemed livelier (and friendlier) than the night before, and without a doubt,  dressed to impress. The fashionable definitely showed their faces for this event and turned up a sassier side of Sacramento. In fact, I haven't seen a crowd this stylish gathered up in one room since, well, EVER. The group was a good looking bunch of snappy dressers.

Designs on Sacramento: Designer Ceazar Cabreros, crowd favorite

Possibly due to the sold-out factor of the event, the V.I.P. shown the night before was aimed, I will surmise,  at the very, very V.I.P's. This time, bloggers didn't get personal escorts to a choice front row seat, but instead were waved towards the entrance with the lukewarm entreaty to "find a seat." No lovely goody bag for me this evening, although rumor had it the V.I.P's sitting in the front row received generous goodies including free haircuts at the Allure studio. One blogger, who sat second row the night before, was almost refused admittance-there was some catorgorical confusion of her being on the media list. Perhaps, someday, the producers of  Sacramento Fashion Week will value their local fashion bloggers better in the future. Good thing she was with a friend who helped her get in. Yours truly sat back row, with a very poor view of the runaway, so in spite of some sincere attempts to get some clear images of the designs from the Finale Showcase, I was disappointed with the limited amount of good shots I got. I'm grateful my pal Melody Stone sat front row for Midtown Monthly and caught some great pictures from the Finale. You can see her post on Sac Fashion Week's Finale Showcase here.

Sacramento Sapphire: Jewel-tones and color blocking seems to be the statement du jour at SFW's Finale Showcase

I was privileged, however, to be in such a smart-looking crowd. Seriously, I am so impressed with the fantastic style I saw milling about me that evening, and I guess I could say say that Sacramento's best catwalk is on the streets. So turning my lemon into lemonade, I worked up the nerve to approach some of the beautiful people and snapped some shots to post over at Street Style SACRAMENTO.  Keep your eye out for them in the following week; I'll add a mention over here when I get them up.

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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You're so lucky to have been part of this wonderful week-long event - I have fash-week envy:). So amazing hearing all the behind-the-scenes dramas and tanties seen through your eyes. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, you made my day:))). Can't wait to see the street style pics when you upload them! xoxoxo

My Heart Blogged said...

Sorry you didn't get the VIP treatment you deserve :) But, sounds like you still had a blast.
My Heart Blogged

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I had a blast. Just wished I could have actually had a clear view of the fashion show.

Collette Osuna said...

Love these posts!! This looks like a fab event!! I too, would have been thrilled just to have been there:)

Happy Monday Sweets!!

Ofelia said...

Bella, great pictures! Is very sad when producers don't realized the power of blogging and how the blogging community come together to help local talent!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the seating at the back of the bus, but still pretty cool to be hob-knobin with the fancy folks. Oh wait, we are fancy folks, seems that "they" just don't knowt that ....yet :)

xoxo - Doreen

Anupriya DG said...

Wow....looks like you had lots of fun dear.....waiting for the street style posts! :)

brookemeagan said...

The ballroom looks incredible. Such a beautiful place for a fashion show. It's too bad you didn't get a better view but I'm so glad you got to experience it all. And it gave you the chance to snap up all those street-style goodies that I'm so excited to see!! xoxo

Marta said...

you're so lucky to attend such event! i wish i was there as well!

Vix said...

It looks fantstic, it's a shame you didn't get a better view but you really have captured it wonderfully. xxx

Dawn said...

Hi, Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes here to say hello and thank you for dropping in to give me a heads up about where to get business cards. Very sweet of you. Have a great week sweetheart. Dawn xo

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful venue...and perhaps someone should tell the organizers how much pull style bloggers are beginning to have in the fashion industry.

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

No, YOU are rad.

Great to meet ya,
Kimberly {they are ALL real, baby}

UN-stitched said...

Bella, I'm catching up on all your posts and loving them! I do love independent fashion and cannot wait to see your street style shots! Odd about the blase attitude with bloggers - maybe they are reading and will learn!

Kristy Elena said...

i've been sitting back row at the majority of my fashion shows as well. =P the one lucky thing is that at all the new york shows the seats go up, so even in the back row you can still snag some decent shots. though i personally love that first photo you posted. the entire auditorium is absolutely stunning and the model, the dress and her pose all work perfectly.

i hope sacramento fashion week starts to realize the potential and importance of partnering with bloggers. i think the blogosphere is currently at a very interesting and important time that will likely have far reaching effects. but more on that later. =P

Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
Vogue Gone Rogue
Twitter: @kristyelena

Anonymous said...

Man, everyone looked so posh and elegant. Again, so sad I missed this, but at least you got to go after all!

Vanessa said...

Well, it looks like a fun week, no matter where you sat! This ballroom is gorgeous, by the way!