Friday, January 29, 2010

The Gilda Age

I've already mentioned I'm a big old timey film buff, and that Rita Hayworth is a screen siren to be reckoned with. See previous post here.  Gilda, probably the role she is best known for, is pure eye candy. Also very tasty and on my "wish list" is this amazing toe stopper available on Amazon.  Vintage Remix, an L.A. based shoe company re-makes vintage shoes models. This is fantastic,  because shoes from the 30's, and '40's are next to impossible to find in good condition and big enough to fit a modern grrl's foot.

Right now, they have a store on Amazon, and many of the shoes are on sales. These, christened the Gilda Platform, come in bronze and pewter, are marked down from $190.00 to $74, and would be perfect with all the floral frocks I've been collecting. Do yourself a favor and take a peek!

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