Monday, June 20, 2011

Peoples, Places + Things

Here are some people, places and things that have captured my eye in the past couple of weeks. I thought they might may a refreshing counter point to the plethora of outfits posts I've been posting. Think of it as a palate cleanse, and a reminder that even in the blogging world, it is good to step outside a bit for stimulation and inspiration. 

Speaking of inspiration- I'm going on a media diet for the next few weeks, and that means you won't be seeing my comments in the blog-o-sphere for a while. I hope you understand- I've now spent 2 solid years actively reading and engaging with my blogging community to the point of shutting out most everything else. When I couldn't talk books or music with a friend recently, I realized I've become somewhat off-balanced. I basically only speak blogs, and fashion. So, I've decided that it's time to step away for a while, recharge and refuel. 

I hope you don't mind but I will still be posting- I've got lots and lots of original content, and I don't feel like shutting up. But, feel free to not read or comment or whatever. I admit it feels awkward to plan to NOT visit my blog roll for awhile, BUT I'm looking forward in going offline and getting some book and magazine reading done. Not to mention a recent windfall of projects and adventures slated for this summer.

That said, let me tell you fashion blogland has been ON FIRE lately, teeming with brilliant, remarkable and thoughtful posts. Keep your eye on the usual suspects for riveting subject matter: 
"From this hour I ordain myself
loosed of limits & imaginary lines."
                                            -Walt Whitman

The Citizen Rosebud puts on her thinking cap- which happens to look FABULOUS!
  1. Artist/Art curator Richard St.Offe & pal at Bows + Arrows' "soft opening"
  2. Rose painting as part of the Vox Art showing at ThinkHouse
  3. Stannimal, the sweet + handsome artist/musician/husband to Ann of Annimal House
  4. Pic of my two pals, Mary & Tony taken at Paragary's
  5. "Paparazzi" taking photos at the pre-Blow Up BBQ
  6. Pretty much the coolest couple ever. 
  7. Golden Owls nesting at Bows + Arrows
  8. Yours truly sporting yet another leopard hat from Fringe.
  9. Vox Art. Painting by Justin Buell. Now showing at ThinkHouse


Sara Kristiina said...

Adorable leopard hat!!

citizen rosebud said...

Hi Sara! <3

Unknown said...

I can't imagine anyone caring. Take time off enjoy yourself! Gain a new perspective!! I'm just glad your still posting.:)

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

Enjoy your time- I can only imagine it will be a positive choice! You will come back refreshed, relaxed and with a brand new perspective! Can't wait to see what is in store....

Unknown said...

I DIE for the hair of the lovely lady in the first picture!! I shall miss your wonderful comments, but look forward to your return and will definitely keep reading!

You in that thinking hat = GORGEOUSNESS!

Jenmarie said...

I think that's a great idea, Bella! I hope you have fun catching up with some of your favorite things to do and people you enjoy hanging out with :)

mispapelicos said...

I told you we were connected, heheheh.
I will be on a full 4 week solid diet away from the computer and the cell phone.
We are off to England from the 13th of July till the end of August.
I love to be able to see the world through your eyes in each pic.

Nancy said...

I look forward to your posts whatever they may be. :)

annimal said...

Well deserved break my dear!!! Now I can snatch you up and fill you with snax and drinx and giddy girl talk! I'll get my Bella fix any way I can!! LOVE U!!!!!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I know just how you feel Bella, I am having trouble too. Commenting take a lot of time; I have tried to cut back but I feel guilty because I want people to know I am reading when they put such hard work into their blogs. Maybe we all just need to take a chill pill and stop being so guilt-obsessed! Have a relaxing blog-break dear xx

ps Thanks you for the link :)

pps Isn't Annimal stunning

caramellitsa said...

great photos!!!
what a nice post!

kisses <3


A BRIT GREEK said...

Such a super cool hat! Love the rose painting, thought you might have painted it!

See you soon gorgeous!

Metsy said...

That leopard hat is awesome. Love how it showcases those striking, pretty peepers of yours!

Anonymous said...

Citizen--I'll miss you, but it is good for a blogger's soul to step back. I know in my month away I read 11 books! And I cooked. And I trained my camera on other things.

Admiring the paparazzi photo.


I believe in caring for oneself first & was just talking about this yesterday with some friends, I'm on a short holiday in a bit from work there's so many things going on, & I felt I even needed to step back from my twitter a bit... I did & it was nice & finished stuff I needed. Enjoy the breeze of a lovely break dear... Totally understandable. That painting is very nice. xx

Unknown said...

Enjoy your break, it's always good to take one! I will continue to read your posts, though I will miss you! xo

My Heart Blogged said...

I totally understand. Blogging can be tough, and burn you out. That's why I've cut down from 7 posts a week, to 5, and now I'm at a comfy 3 or 4 a week. Enjoy your time off, and I hope it does your business a world of good.

Any Second Now said...

Awww, your comments are wonderful and will be missed, but I totally understand! I'm also reconsidering how often I post and what I post, which is why it's been narrowed down to fashion, music, and family with a few creative and food bits in-between. Looks like we're all going through a cleanse of some sort!

I look forward to your content as always. Enjoy re-discovering the streets where you live my dear. I'm sure we'll see the fruits of your inspiration!



Everyone needs a break. Looking forward to reading your real-world-inspired content :-))

Stacey Kay said...

Enjoy your break! I definitely know what you mean by being absorbed by blogs.

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Fajr | Stylish Thought said...

Love her afro! And your hat is added to the "List of things I must trade Bella for". Thanks for the shoutout!

Enjoy your break love, we all need time away, to reconnect and recharge. We'll be here when you get back!

Anonymous said...

OH I toooooootally get it!!! Enjoy your break Bella!! Read something great and please share! Hi your hat is pure rock star w/ exclamation points>!!!

Fabienne Jach said...

I totally respect your decision, Bella. The honeymoon "reset" my schedule and I'm trying to ease into it differently this time around. The Europeans don't rush anything and it was good to be around that for three weeks. I realized I wasn't making as much time for friends, definitely not reading any books, yeah, you know... May we all take the time to find that perfect balance, I don't want it to be an "either/or" scenario. Much love:)
xoxo, f
The House in the Clouds