Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspiration: The Nakate Project

Last month, with the intentions of an interview, I met Shanley Knox, the founder of the Nakate Project. Inspired by her recent trip to Uganda, Shanley decided to do more than just wish for a better world, she decided to, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi: be the change she wanted to see in world. She started the Nakate Project and sells the necklaces made by women in a small Ugandan village in efforts to help them help themselves. 

I was so enamored with Shanley and her vision, that I decided to join her on a trip to Seattle, where she was invited to participate in a Sugar Does Production, an L.A. based company that promotes independent designers, art, music and culture. The result of my trip are the following pictures as well as a renewed sense that the future of fashion is ethical fashion.

Founder Shanley Knox, prepares a model for the runway of Sugar Does Seattle.
My article about Shanley and the Nakate Project was recently published at CBS Local Sacramento. You can read my article here:  Nakate Project: Fashion For a Cause.

"Our plan: start a woman off making beads and pay her well above market rate while teaching her business management skills while she works. The added income allows her to save money for investment in a new business which she can then start without the risk and burden of debt."-Shanley Knox, The Nakate Project
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
"I'm a twenty-something who got caught up in the stories of people and while caught on their stories, made a commitment to help change their lives." -Shanley Knox
For more information about the Nakate Project, please visit:
Photo Credit: Bella Q

This post is part of a FULL TIME FABULOUS community event. The topic this month is INSPIRATION. For the Citizen Rosebud, there is nothing more inspirational than to see women use fashion as a means to transform not only herself, but the world she lives in. For me, inspiration comes from soul sisters like Shanley Knox of the Nakate Project who are working towards an ethical and sustainable future.                           

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Please may I? said...

What a fantastic story!

Unless we commit to helping things will never change.

Good on them.

I wish them all the luck.

X x

Unknown said...

how wonderful!
Sometimes I think i forget that the entire world is in turmoil.........
Thanks for the inspiration!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love everything about this, Bella. Thanks so is inspirational.

Unknown said...

and makes women self sustaining! I love it! These beads are beautiful! I hope you are right, that the future of fashion is ethical...what a great idea! hugs! ~Serene

Unknown said...

This is incredible, and so completely inspirational. I see why you chose it. I am so moved reading this!! Thank you for sharing!!

Kimberlee said...

An amazing story - love her hair! Thanks for sharing :)


warms my heart to read this and loved your article. Such a great project and beautiful pieces.

"The added income allows her to save money for investment in a new business which she can then start without the risk and burden of debt." - I think that is beyond important, and love that she invests her time in creating a cause to help change the world... our world. Great woman.

Anonymous said...

the beads are beautiful.

Casee Marie said...

This was absolutely lovely, charming and - yes - completely inspiring. Thank you for sharing Shanley's story with us, Bella!

The Style Crone said...

Great project. Love the veil!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Nakate Project! I think really there is so much social entrepreneurship going on right now and it's so beautiful to read all the good intentions that go behind these businesses. Wonderful choice of inspiration.

Jenmarie said...

What a story! I really love all the chunky beads and gorgeous colors! I hope to see more pieces like these in my favorite stores!

Fashnlvr said...

I really enjoyed the article you wrote for CBS Sacramento! The beads are so beautiful and creative. It warms my heart to see things like this!!

SanjaFashatude said...

Wow.. this actually inspired me too... I wanna do something like that.

Kristy Elena said...

i'm a little late getting to everyone's posts but i am finally here!!! i love your post so much. not only is the jewelry beautiful but the story behind it is amazing. i always feel that fashion is made all the more better with a good philosophy behind it to back it up. this actually reminds me a bit of the jewelry i posted about during earth day, made by mushana!

and i agree with you... the future of fashion IS ethical fashion!

i've missed you so much, i can't wait to finally meet you this NYFW.

so so many hugs, thank you for this beautiful post.