Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guest Post: Alexis, from North On Harper

On the Corner of Somewhere: Alexis from North On Harper
Hi!  I'm Alexis and I'm super excited to be visiting The Citizen Rosebud.  I write the blog North On Harper and had the opportunity to meet Bella during Fashion Week, Fall 2011.  And suffice it to say, I am crazy for her.  Warm, welcoming, intelligent, beautiful—basically everything I had expected her to be…

So, when Bella invited me to write about PLACE, I was beyond excited.   But then I got intimidated.  After all, PLACE is really a broad subject.  And it is important.  More than where a person is or lives, PLACE plays an integral role in one’s identity.

I live in West Hollywood, California.  I have for my entire adult life.  Many major memories are associated with this place: friends, jobs—I even met my husband here.  West Hollywood is full of contrasting character.  There are both glamorous and iconic elements, as well as dull & average.  I love the variety of architecture that can be seen, as well as the art that can be found around the city.

Over the years I have watched how these things have informed my aesthetic.  I wouldn’t say I dress “LA” (that has much more to do with the Southern California laid back attitude), but I do see how my visual environment has helped to shape both my sense of personal style and that of my home.

Allow me to share some of my favorite places- both around town and in my home-

   Thank you Alexis- for sharing a piece of your place with us!                                                                   
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alexis said...

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox---- thanks so much for having me. I can't believe the timing of this post- right when my PLACE is completely changing!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

It's great you got to capture the place of where you are before you leave!

And I'd love to walk the streets of West Hollywood, someday I'll take the afternoon to do just that.

A Day in Candiland said...

Wonderful Post Alexis, I love your picture.

Unknown said...

Alexis is one of my favorite blogger friends in LA, I will be so sad to see her go...but hopefully she will be back someday. She has great style, so glad you shared her take on Place here!

xo Mary Jo

The Key To Chic said...

Having met Alexis, I love her perspective, her style, and her intelligently written blog. I'll miss her, but look forward to keeping up with her on her blog!