Friday, June 7, 2013

Big SALE This Weekend at Atlas- 50% OFF Citizen Picks!

Sometimes, you've got to know when to fold 'em. 

As much as I have dreamed of having my own physical space to sell my  fresh picked vintage, and as happy as I was a few months ago, to rent a small space at Atlas, unfortunately, it hasn't been working out.  Whispery soft store traffic,  poor sales, and pervasive in-store perspective that  Atlas sellers are rivals, rather than comrades-in-arms,  have made this airy Fremont space, a place where "blooming madly," seems next to impossible. Thankfully, the Etsy shop and online sales have been booming! 

So while I wished it could have worked out, the reality is that to be successful  in business, when you're losing money, you go elsewhere. So I'm moving out at the end of the month. Meanwhile, I'm marking down all items for sale in Atlas to 50% off! 

Look for the Citizens of Rosebud tags (they call me Dealer 23 <-- I know, so personable, and poetic!) and save some serious cash on blooming vintage and pre-loves. 

A Spring (and a Leap) SALE
50% OFF everything in my space at Atlas this weekend
3509 Fremont Place N
Seattle, WA 98103

And for those who don't live in Seattle, how about a little online sale for youse? From now until Sunday evening, use coupon code LATERGATOR for 15% off any purchase over $10.


Becky said...

Seriously, I thought I wrote a comment on this post!!! What happened??
Ughhh anyway-- I reconsider my consignment booth on like a monthly basis. Just has not been that profitable-- rent is just too high and sales too low.
So glad to hear your online is doing well!!!!
Becky :)

Tilda E. said...

Its hard to make B&M spaces profitable any more. I've noticed that your Etsy shop is doing well, so good for you to put your energies there instead! Best of luck :)

I've been thinking about it and if I were to ever do a physical space again, I think I'd like to try out that pop-up shop thing sometime...

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Good on you for making a go of it Bella! I love how you make a decision and put everything into making it work. Recognising when it's time to change direction put your energies elsewhere, is equally brave. I think you're amazing! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Curtise said...

That's a shame, Bella. I think it is really, really hard to make money from small independent shops at the moment. Good to know the online selling is doing better. Is there a market/fair circuit you could sell at, like there is in the UK? If there isn't, there should be! xxxx

Shybiker said...

Business can be hard, Dealer 23, but if you persevere you'll find your audience. It's connecting with like-minded people which creates magic and sales.

Ofelia said...

Bella, you are wise in business as well as in style.
It's not personal (and especially if you are just a number, it's just smart business to move on.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm sorry the physical space didn't work out, but you gave it a shot, and are wise enough to know when to call it quits. I'm glad your online shop is doing well.