Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Beautiful in Valentino

"I know what women want. They want to be beautiful." -Valentino Garavani

nailed it. Creating garments that made women feel beautiful was the keystone to what made his design house a legend, and still fashionably relevant today.  I've had the recent opportunity to sell a couple of Valentino dresses, and I jumped at the chance. Up close, these dresses are gorgeous little creatures; the high standards of manufacture is evident. Different perhaps in expression, the two dresses both share a timeless quality. Whatever era they are worn, they will be "in style." And THAT, my friends is the keystone to being beautiful- having a constant, graceful presence. 

But, "beauty is more than skin deep." That adage reminds me that there is more to true beauty than just wearing a pretty dress off the rack. True beauty has layers, and underneath it all, beauty possesses within it, a grace that provides joy for others. While these dresses are indeed "beautiful," what will add true beauty to their refined elegance, will be the woman destined to wear them. 

In honor of love, and Valentine's Day, we're listing these RED Valentino  dresses on eBay with 10% of the proceeds going to Dress For Success, a national non-profit committed towards the empowerment of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire and career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Theirs is a mission that is well suited to our lifelong pursuit of the beautiful. 

Preview the R.E.D. Valentino classic wool A-line shift (size 8) dress with bow: Valentino Classic LBD (If purchased before Feb 24th, 10% of sales will be donated to Dress for Success)

Preview the R.E.D. Valentino gorgeous tulle dress (size 6) here: Valentino Ballerina Black Tulle (If purchased before Feb 24th, 10% of sales will be donated to Dress for Success) 

Through the eBay Global International shipping program, these dresses are available to our Rosebud friends worldwide. Check the eBay program for details. 

Want some styling inspiration? You can see more of these RED Valentino black dresses in real life action, ala Poplin Style here.

Wishing you all a beautiful Valentine's!  


Patti said...

What a beautiful dress, B. Valentino really does know how to make special dresses that make any event a gala. Happy Val. Day!

Unknown said...

Oh, how I wish I could squeeze into that tulla dress!


Justgraduatedat35 said...


SeƱora Allnut said...

fabulous dresses, inspiring quotes, pretty pictures, what else??, you're so talented!!

Jill said...

Great dresses, you know I love Valentino so much! XO, Jill

Beryl said...

Valentino - such a genius! Thanks for reminding us.

Flattering50 said...

I love navy blue for evening! Gorgeous dresses and loved your post. Thanks ~ Susan