Friday, July 11, 2014

SECONDHAND FIRST ™ get preloved

I've been a big fan of this company from Canada for many years now, since my stint as shop girl for an eco-friendly clothing shop in my Sac-town days. They up-cycle old clothing, taking old sweaters, t-shirts, coats, whatever and turn them into fresh remakes. Recently, they've closed up their brick-and-mortar shop in Toronto, and now are exclusively online- which seems to be what the smart folks are doing these days. Blog knows, small businesses are struggling these days, and its even harder when you're paying for often costly overhead.

They've a fairly limited menu- just a few seasonal things for women, kids and a handful of items for the home, plus a pre-loved spin on vintage (mostly tees, jeans, and 80s stuff) but they are definitely worth a looksies.

Citizen approved. Go check 'em out.  


Patti said...

Cool, Bella - thanks. They have some nice scarves and jewelry. xox

Sheila said...

I love businesses that do this - there are a couple here in Victoria that do it too, including Morena (I have a secondhand skirt by her).

Shoe Shine is every two weeks. Starts on Saturday at midnight, runs for a week. We're on the off week now - the next one is next Saturday. I post a reminder the Monday before.

Anonymous said...

Looks good, thanks for the tip!

Suzanne said...

I have a great sweater dress by them that I love. I was so sad to see there fabulous store on Queen St. West close up.


Anonymous said...

I know and remember that shop from Toronto. Too bad the Queen St store is closed. I still have a fab reworked tshirt by them. Thanks for featuring, Bella. Nice to know that you know of the shop! Xo

Unknown said...

In a magazine recently, I saw a store that hand painted vintage jeans. I love that sort of thing. I'll have to check them out. Debbie @

diaryofapennypincher said...

What a great site, must delve further! Thank you for the link.