Sunday, September 14, 2014

Style Bomb: London Fashion Week


Fashion is on the runway, and there's no more novel spectacle of novelty in the biz than what parades on and around the catwalk for London Fashion Week. Here's a link to some of the shows, live streaming, including my must-see, Vivienne Westwood RED LABEL.

London Fashion Week street style. (Photo credit: Wayne Tippets)
In case you want a peek of the fashion-able milling about, do check out these street style photog's capture of the scene here:

Wayne Tippets- Street Style Aesthetic
My Daily- Street Style London Fashion Week
Phil Oh for Vogue

I love how distinct English fashion is- so around this time, I always check in with fashion blogger Pearl Westwood for what's going on. But ya know, I can't resist my all-time fave UK fashion/anti-fashion QUEEN, not for keeping me in the loop on what's IN, but on what's INSPIRING (and mostly SECONDHAND FIRST.) The queen for me of course is none other than the brilliant VINTAGE VIXEN. She'd be the last person in England to follow a trend, and she's a great reminder on how to use fashion to own your own, personal style.

 And, in case you need a young thing who looks like a model for some London style invigoration, there's always the lovely Roz Jana to help put it all in perspective. She wears many fashionable hats: daughter, model, writer, friend and student, and her wise perspective always keeps the rise and fall of hemlines in check.

Are any of you watching the runways at LFW? Who's inspiring your style this season?


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Enjoyed the post, Bella! Really like the image with the model leaning against the light post. Hope you are well and still loving Seattle.

Patti said...

I do love to watch the shows and get inspired - and true originals like Vix and YOU inspire me too. xox

Vix said...

Bless you! I did LFW once and hated it, corporate, dull , safe and same-y. xxxx

diaryofapennypincher said...

I'm watching bloggers like you to pick out the best bits of LFW for me! Lazy, huh?!

No Fear of Fashion said...

Hi dear Bella, you have changed your posts it seems. I like it and I am going to check out some more.
Love you