Tuesday, December 2, 2014

THE READ LIST: currently vintage

DO you like to shop #SECONDHANDFIRST but need a little help in the tip department? The following is a list of some quick reads from people in the know. And THANKS to these awesome links, now, you do too.

Updated, not Sedated. Keeping your #VINTAGE current:

If you love vintage fashion but don't want to look like you got stuck in time warp, you need to read THIS, stat. 

Patti had some great advice for the +40 crowd on how to wear vintage when you're vintage. Her advice still holds true today. 

Sal shares her Already Pretty savvy in converting thrift store finds into the latest fashion trends.

Vintage lover + planetary treasure, the Vintage Vixen gives us the low down on how to wear vintage while being true to your own personal style

This colorful beauty doesn't exactly dole out advice on how to look amazing in vintage or dress like a fabulous fashion bad-ass, she merely shares by example. (Edit: Spoiler! Her blog rhymes with Fab and a Hurray)

Fabulously #VINTY:

Need a reminder on how wildly fabulous FASHION can be? Re-live the 1970s.

LOVERS of silky vintage Asian robes and such, you're gonna love this blogger's essay on the Kimono vs the Hanbok. Fun vinty fashion fact: you can never own too many kimonos or Korean hanboks. 

Secondhand Shopping Survival 101: 

The adorable Debbie dishes out some superb Thrifting Tips and the relentlessly upbeat Sammy Davis spills her thrifting beans

If you're looking for some sage advice for shopping vintage, check out this list of six must know tips. Even How Stuff Works weighs in with their own words of advice to-dos and ta-dahs when going thrifting. 

Modcloth offers up its own version of vintage clothing tips, in a fuel of poesy powered bombast, done up nicely in a free-ranged iambic pentameter.

Edit: The marvelously marvelous Suzanne did a great post of shopping tips for vintage- a definite MUST READ!  In fact her blog is a must read for Secondhand Firsters, AND fabulous +40 women alike. 

Update + edit: Official #SECONDHANDFIRST ICON and style superstar extraordinare has JUST published a great post on THRIFT SHOPPING in her city with some FANTASTIC shopping tips. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out, ASAP.

Do you have any interesting reads to recommend or savvy thrifting tips?  LEave them in the comments or send us your recommendations to: readlist ( at)


Suzanne said...

Not to toot my own horn...but I'm gonna ; )

I did a series on this called the Ultimate Guide to shopping and styling vintage

There is a whole post on how to shop estate sales, one on thrift store and another on vintage stores as well as tips how to style the clothes and examples from a bunch of're there too Missy! ; P


Patti said...

Aww, thanks for the mention, and for all the resources. I'll be lingering with my iPad later, catching up. xox

Señora Allnut said...

wonderful reading list, perfect to encourage me to make the most of vintage finds!!
thanks & besos

citizen rosebud said...

Suzanne: THANK YOU for tooting your own horn. Your post is fantastic and I've already added it to yesterday's post. In fact your blog is great- wonderful style and great way to showcase how awesome you can look when you shop #secondhandfirst. You da best, baby. -bella Q

Becky said...

Good post! Lots of good reading :D