Tuesday, September 15, 2015


SEATTLE WESTERN. And just like that, I decided to wear a "cowboy" hat. It is, in fact, a costume cowboy hat for a kid. Only my wee head fits under it just fine, and while I haven't sported cowboy hats, in like, NEVER, I think I'm going to start wearing this one, just 'cuz. 

#SECONDHANDFIRST: today's outfit is 100% secondhand, gifted + thrifted.

I think it happens to suit this top, too. This top is a MAJOR #secondhandfirst, THRIFT STORE SCORE, something that makes me wanna sing "yippee kie-yie-yay!" 

  Here are a handful of reasons. 
  • One: It is super cute, made from a black cotton blend jersey knit and recycled vintage fabric. 
  • Two: It fits, and it is flattering. I like the loose fit, with the cinched, high waist: hides my chubby belly! 
  • Three: it's from a cool (though sadly, now defunct) New York designer/shop label, Zachary's Smile, and made exclusively for COOP, Barney's New York. Kinda fancy business, yeah? A shirt that most likely cost in the range of $95-$130 back in its day, but set me back a mere $5.99 plus tax. 
  • Four: it's got plaid! A great blue and white plaid and something that might get pulled on for this upcoming PLAIDURDAY.

Everything worn for today's outfit (undergarments excepting) is 100% secondhand, a mix of items gifted, and thrifted. An important part of the #SECONDHANDFIRST philosophy is to look first at secondhand sources to supply your wants and needs. And that doesn't always mean shopping, either. Some of the things on your want list, are just handed to you.

Free to me, were the "boyfriend jean" shorts, and they are quite literally, boyfriend's jeans. We differ on whether or not I stole them or he gave them to me. They were premium denim, since he's a fancy man who buys $200 jeans and stuff, but these are now much too big for him. I recall him handing them to me to donate to the Goodwill; he doesn't recall this spring cleaning act. He just remembers that they were his pants once. That I've since slaughtered into a pair of cut off shorts. 

Also free, and new to me, is a vintage canvas and faux leather vintage camera bag, and let me tell you that this bag is such a true prize! I can't think of a camera bag that would suit me better, and with such rugged good looks and style. I'll be sharing how I scored such a fantastic bag in a future post. 

The shoes were scored at my local Goodwill. They were an unworn pair of contemporary shoes, platform black leather oxfords with jute rope trim. They add a bit of panache and style, while still being very comfortable and easy to wear all day, even when going on long walks. 

Everything was procured in Seattle, either by gift or by thrift, proving you can bloom where your are planted.

#SECONDHANDFIRST: 55% Thrifted, 45% Gifted, 100% Rosebud
Now Wearing: 
  • vintage straw + plastic cowboy costume hat, thrifted
  • Zachary's Smile for Barney's New York contemporary top utilizing vintage fabrics, thrifted
  • Diesel denim, cut off "boyfriend" jeans, gifted
  • vintage canvas and faux leather trim camera bag, gifted
  • New black leather platform brogues, thrifted


Sheila said...

I love your urban cowgirl outfit! You look smashing, my dear!

Patti said...

Great shopping (and appropriating from the BF), Bella! you look super cool and comfortable in your skin. xo

Melanie said...

Me too, I love this look, and your second-last photo in particular. You inspire with this mix of cowboy, rockstar photographer, and bohemian.

Jazzy Jack said...

Gorgeous, and so Bella! Just a little grit with your playfulness. And all done with panache! Xo Jazzy Jack

Forest City Fashionista said...

You've nailed the cool rockstar/photographer/cowgirl vibe with this outfit! The shoes are a great find, as is the plaid-trimmed top.