Tuesday, April 12, 2016

BEHIND THE SEAMS: Shots in the Studio

 IT FIGURES: At the start of this year, the Citizens-of-Rosebud downsized and our studio and headquarters were moved into a smaller space. That meant coming up with creative ideas for workspace, photo studio and office. One of the biggest challenges has been coming up with an attractive satisfactory photography set-up; we're still working out the kinks. Taking product shots
for a budding home goods online boutique on Etsy has been a bit easier than taking stylish photos

of garments for our womens's clothing shop, but hopefully with a few tweaks, we'll get back in our fashion groove!

The artist in me has really enjoyed creating the vignettes for some of my favorite tchotchkes, including vintage sports trophies, cute cat figurines and a dashing and adorable mid century drag king porcelain! However, I'm still needing to refine my fashion shoots- not pleased with the present manniquin and backdrop sitch I've got at the moment. But, I've got some great spring and summer items that are begging to get listed, so I'm going to do the best I can under the circumstances and just take the damn picture.

MEANWHILE..there's a big winter clearance sale happening from now until April 20th, so if you want a great vintage sweater, skirt or winter coat, check out our winter clearance section, up to 40% off!

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Shybiker said...

That drag-king porcelain is killing me!