Thursday, June 9, 2016

RADIO Silence

I'm going to keep this pithy: I haven't been there for YOU, lately. I've been um, well, my head space is someplace else. It hasn't been here. On the interwebs. But let me confess, I haven't been very present on the blog for quite some time. 

I've been floundering. 

In fact, I'd been feeling a bit set adrift, too busy, too tired and

Still the Still Small Voice: original digital art +  photography by RQ Bella

 and feeling too confined by what I expected you to expect from me.

It's not mere blogger burn-out. It's subject burn-out. What started as a personal outfit post blog, long ago outgrew the confines of posting daily outfits. Or yakking on about personal style, wearing the old dresses with new shoes, and yada yada. I wish I could tell ya that I had just needed a teensy weensy break from it, and am now dewy eyed and refreshed and soooo totally into whatever's clever, whistling like a tea kettle about the latest and greatest. But truth be told: at this moment, on the subject of clothes and fashion, these hands are in the air like I just don't care. 

While I do LOVE a good outfit, personally there's not much to show, folks. What I do for a living doesn't give much room for a stylish dress up. Or for fast spending. My interests have shifted as well. My love of gardening is in full bloom, and there are so many other subjects that don't pertain to fashion that I'm fascinated by, so it's been less and less research about what I think I SHOULD be posting about and more and more reading about the things I'm actually interested in.  As a subject, I'm not a whit of interesting, and I'd been trying to find a voice talking about the bigger picture, but I'm pretty sure I've failed miserably.

So I've been silent. Sending out a an occasional flotsam and jetsam, the odd now and then, and somewhat  as my blog posts waned, so have my friendly readers. Less visits, less shares and definitely LESS comments. 

Let me apologize for my ball drop. Because I'm not done writing. I'm a writer by vocation. But I DO need to transition this creature back into a more personally engaging activity, and write about the things and people I love, beyond the beautifully turned, the impeccably fashioned. Oh, I'm sure I'll still want to share my favorite style mavens, but I'm going to allow myself to move beyond this limited field of study. I feel rusty in my present mode, and so it's hard to know when and where to start.  Since I feel so rusty in my blog skills, the following efforts are more than likely going to be a bit rough, unpolished, willy nilly and well, not what you signed on for. And it's ok if you want to move on, because, well, I understand about moving on. 

But I'll be here. Getting my blab back.


Poperie said...

I really like your blog. Cheers

Sheila said...

Me too! I like it too. ;)

Do what you feel like doing, Bella, my dear! Readers come and go, but this is about YOU, so do it for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you write about! I'll read it, might not always comment, but I'll be here too.

Unknown said...

I'm signing on to read whatever and whenever you write.

Ana from Mrs. American Made said...

This sounds great, B. Our blogs should evolve as we do - and wax and wane as our interest does. Xoxo

MELI. said...

thank you for the blog and and however you evolve im certain it will be sincere, and rad like you.
have a nice time off, blogging aint easy! hope to see more garden stuff at some point, take your time, thats a good thing :P =^•^=

Shybiker said...

Like most of your loyal followers, I don't come here to read about fashion. Or makeup. Or anything like that. I come here to read about you. YOU! And whatever you're up to. If you start gushing about gardening, cool! If you get enthusiastic about 18th Century romance-novels, I'll read it. We love YOU so you should feel free to be yourself. And reflect that on your blog. It's YOUR blog. No apologies needed.

Sara Kristiina said...

You should definitely write about what YOU like! I'll stay here my friend!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think you're not alone in feeling this way Bella - a bunch of us that started blogging around the same time seem to be experiencing a similar diminishing of interest in posting about what we happen to be wearing. I have been questioning whether I want to keep my blog going, and in what form, but for the time being I seem to be soldiering on. You are a wonderful writer, so you should definitely write about something that moves and inspires you, whether it be gardening, Francis, etc.

Becky said...

I had such a revolutionary year as far as changes go that my blogging def waned, but now I'm sort of getting back into it by posting about whatever the heck I feel like LOL!!!! I actually missed the people/bloggers I'd met thru the blog a lot---glad you're popping around again :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I agree with Becky, post whatever you want to talk about. I'm getting back into it after three house moves and lots of personal upheaval, but only when I feel I have something relevant to share. Big hugs xoxoxoxoxo

Crystal Hammon, ABC, MLS said...

Bella, I think all people of substance eventually arrive at this place! No apologies! You know I went through the same thing a year or so ago. It struck me that I was draining off a lot of energy Ithat could have been better spent. I post less and accomplish more! When we take time for ourselves, we do better more valuable work. And it feels less like turning tricks. You just keep on being your unique self. Your real friends are with you always.

Awkward After 50 said...

Hello, All, from Michigan. I'm a new blogger who decided to write about my life and how it isn't what I thought it would be. I hope it will be as much a forum for great dialogue as this seems to be. Reading the post and all the comments makes me feel that this is such a great community with a lot to share. I think we all go through the same thing at one time or another (some of us go through several times). And it is so gratifying to know there are others who seem to understand. And if they can't really relate to the specifics, they surely can offer encouragement and inspiration to get beyond this stage to reach the next, better one. That's what I see here, and what I hope for with my new venture.
I'm looking forward to reading more from you.