Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Good to See You.


Oh hi. 

It feels a little like logging back into MySpace and seeing the empty rooms and remnants of an old party. We did have fun, didn't we? 

Lots has happened since we last spoke, and I'm sure as much on your end of things, and rather than clog up a ghostly channel on the past, let's move forward. I've been feeling an urge to just take a step back, to NOT keep up with the newest, the latest, the up-to-datest of Tik-ity Toks, Reels, Feels and Eels. I do appreciate SOCIAL MEDIA but man, am I tired of it ruling how I engage with fellow human beings. 

So I'm going to get a little old fashioned, aka old school, but who knows how long this will be the deal. All I know, is that I LOVED connecting with other back in the "blogging days," how creating was just as much fun as the posting, and I'm going to send a little tendril out here to check in. 

I hope you've been safe and healthy and good.


Sheila said...

I see you there! Good to see you, honey.

Polyester Princess said...

Lovely to see you blogging again, it's still my preferred way of connecting with people, and not as fleeting as social media nowadays. So, welcome back Bella! xxx