Saturday, October 30, 2021

SMELLS LIKE team spirit

“Perfume follows you; it chases you and lingers behind you. It’s a reference mark. Perfume makes silence talk.” 

                                                                                                                          – Sonia Rykiel

A NOSE FOR ROSE: I'd been on a casual hunt for a new signature scent, so when FB friend Stephanie Quick gave a shout out to her pal (who happens to be from my hometown, Sacramento) who happens to be a perfumer, I took it as a sign to try some on for size. Ordered me a sampler pack. 

While I didn't discover my future everyday smell, I did enjoy some unusual and creative concoctions.  If you're on the path to explore your world through perfume, DO give Arabesque Aromas a peek.  


Stephanie is a blogger and YouTuber who waxes enthusiastically about the arcane and the esoteric. She also is a cheerful cheerleader and promoter of friend 's endeavors, especially if they are arcane and esoteric. So I feel that she will appreciate this next bit, a bit.

NO BONES ABOUT IT:  she's going to be missed.


I'm not sure why, but for the past year or so, there have been TWO, two large skeleton yard displays in my neighborhood. One I know started the Halloween before last, when a family bought the jumbo yard decoration and realized after Halloween that they didn't have room to store it. So, great solution: THEY dressed it up for each current holiday- Santa for Xmas, Bunny for Easter, Rainbows for Pride. Fucking brilliant. It had been written up in local new stories.

This one, I'm not sure when or why it showed up, but I first saw it when I started walking to my work studio in May, and enjoyed strolling past it all summer. It seemed to wear various ensembles, but this bridal get-up was my favorite. I snapped the picture above during dusk, sometime late August.

And I couldn't help but wonder what she was going to wear for this upcoming Halloween. 

Well, lo and behold, this thirteen story love chicken just went AWOL By the first of September, this poster child for all things Día de los Muertos had vanished, and at first I thought maybe it was being freshened up for her true season. 

I'm not sure if some hooligans stole it from the yard, or if the people of the house just grew tired of her and packed her up. Now that it's almost Halloween, and there is no sign of this gentle giant, I am realizing that this bony girl has flown the coop. 

RIP big awesome monster skeleton. You were a highlight of my daily commute.  

Since this is the season we acknowledge the transition of our modes of being from this world to the next- do you have any farewells you'd like to say?


Sheila said...

I do not wear scent - it's just not my thing.

Oh noooooo...that skeleton is gone? That's tragic!

Polyester Princess said...

Those sampler packs sound like a great way to try some new scents. I'm rather stuck with mine, as I've been using the same one for years.
What a shame that skeleton has gone ... xxx