Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picture Perfect: Concrete + Jungle

Concrete + Jungle: Seattle Paradise (iPhoto Credits: Bella Q)

Peony for Your Thoughts?


squidword said...

beautiful pictures!!

mispapelicos said...

Love, love, love ALWAYS!!!

Patti said...

Wonderful - you find beauty everywhere : >

Unknown said...

Beautiful. I love peonies!

Jean at said...

Hello my dear!! Thinking of you and love your images! I LOOOOVE peonies, too!!!

Hang T. Tran said...

this flower is a masterpiece of nature. I love it.

I will buy the book through your link my dear and have it shipped to France when I have someone to bring it back to me. I used to have books shipped directly to BKK but I got to pay tax and sometimes it was taken by other people.

Have a great week Bella!

Style Mentor™ said...

The concrete cracks are unique. Did the peony grow out of them?

Anonymous said...

The pun is awful and wonderful at the same time.

Susan said...

Cannot believe you got these with an iphone.
Peonies are my very fave.