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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Que Sera, Sara

I've been following Sara's vintage fashion blog for 3 years now! She was a wee Finnish 12 (EDIT: 17) year old girlie when I "found" her. Now she's grown into a lovely young lady, and she's still loving and rocking vintage outfits like nobody's business.

Sweet 16 (EDIT: 20) makes her no longer a kid, and now that she's grown up, her blog has evolved as well. She's recently changed the name of her blog to reflect these changes so the blog formerly known as Autumn, Coffee and Inspiration is now...called Ladylike Delicacy.

Regardless of the new blog name, she is still my dear friend Sara from Finland, and you can count on me to keep reading and loving her blog. If you like vintage and a spoonful of sweetness, YOU TOO WILL LOVE THIS GIRL! 



A BRIT GREEK said...

Hey hey to Sara from Finland - that's pretty much all the Finnish I know apart from the word for apple!

Thanks for introducing us to her - love her last dress - I have something similar too with a Peter pan collar.

Hope all is sparkling in your world Bella!

Sara said...

Aww you are the best, my dear Bella! Thank you for your kind words! <3(and just reminding that I am already 20 years old ;))

Ladylike Delicacy



Vix said...

I love Sara, she has great style! x

Joanna said...

Awesome Sara, she's got a great future wardrobe to look forward too (and also a current one too:) Love the vintage feel of the photographs.

Patti said...

Sara has a wonderful vintage style, and her blog is just beautiful to look at - thanks for the recommendation.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Lovely photos, thanks for the introduction.

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful blog here. And thanks for adding me on your blog roll I do appreciate it. And yes we do still kicking with style! ^_^

Sasha said...

Thank you once again Bella for sharing another great blogger! You have the best taste in online reading!

One Womans Style Evolution said...

Thanks for the introduction to Sara. I am not super big on vintage although I have a few pieces, I would definitely rock the black and white dress with the peter pan collar though. Now THAT is fabulous!

Susan said...

Will definitely check out her blog! She is so cute.

La Dama said...

What a gorgeous cutey!


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