Monday, September 10, 2012

Love These Shades: Emporio Armani from Sunglasses Shop

Remember my product review of a pair of Emporo Armani sunglasses? No? Yes? Let's refresh that glass by clicking HERE. And how I listed 3 sunglasses picks for Fall? Well, the lovelies at Sunglasses Shop sent me my top pick, and asked me to write a review for them, too.

My product review in short: FAVORITE PAIR OF SHADES, EVER.

I think you'll love them too. First off the clean lines of these rimless sunglasses look 21st century modern + retro sixties, all at the same time. Lookwise: I love how fresh they look on. The frames stay up on my nose, no sliding down, thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of the nose pads. The quality of the lenses again, impress me, my eyes are protected from UV light while affording such clear vision, even in harsh sunlight. The practical applications of these over sized, round and rimless frame are tremendous visibility, and the protection the overall coverage offered my eyes underneath these shades.  

I appreciate how "fashion forward" these frames look, while avoiding any appearance of being too trendy, or so over done, that I'd want to retire them by next season (I am NOT talking to you, my heart-shaped sunglasses!) I can easily "envision" me wearing these frames for many years to come,  and still feel chic. So, I'm officially SOLD on the Emporio Armani line of sunglasses- I love the smart and classic designs, AND the stellar quality of both the craftmanship and materials. I now trust this brand, and would most highly recommend the Emporio Armani line to anyone.

From now until the end of September, you can get 20% off any purchase from the Sunglasses Shop when you use coupon code ROSEBUD20.  I highly recommend shopping this one-stop sunglasses shopping website, where you'll find loads of quality shades to choose from as well as nearly overnight delivery. Squint no more. And love your shades.

Disclosure: I received this pair of Emporio Armani sunglasses courtesy of Sunglasses Shop for purpose of this review. The opinion expressed is my own.


Lynn Hasty said...

Those look great! I, too, love when something looks modern and clean, but also has a retro look too!


Thrifted Shift said...

Oh, you look fabulous in these! They totally suit you! I finally found a pair of sunglasses that fit my tiny head and I'm not letting go of them!

Gabriala Brown said...

I was thinking the minute I saw them, "LOVE those shades..." and there it was. LOVE THESE SHADES!!

silvergirl said...

those sunnies are so cute and they look like they don't weigh a thing
great find

Ulla-Marie said...

That eternal quest for the perfect shades ...