Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tomboy X: Sportswear For Women Over Forty

Earlier this month, a fashion show/fundraiser took place in downtown Seattle, to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a line of women's sportswear designed for an often overlooked demographic: active women over forty. Tomboy Exchange was created to fill a gap: practical and wearable women's clothing for women in their forties, who like their style frills-free, but want it served up with a side of casual cool.

“There isn’t a clothing line that is focused solely on the +40 demographic in the same way that we are,” stated CEO of Tomboy X,  Fran Dunaway. "Tomboy Exchange is about democratizing fashion and paying attention to a demographic that has been ignored by the fashion industry." Committing to manufacture in the U.S. and designing for real women, Tomboy X is determined to fill a niche overlooked by the fashion industry: over 40 year old women who still want to look good and feel like themselves." 

It's a woman owned company, designed in Seattle, committed to U.S. manufacture. Part of the Tomboy X mission is to LISTEN to their customers, an often ignored group by the fashion industry: women over 40 years of age. Because the designs are the result of actual demand and feedback, Tomboy X has created core garments that are missing in the malls: thoughtfully designed, quality constructed clothing that cover, and flatter an active woman's body in comfort. 

The intent is to create a brand, curate clothing and cultivate community. The commitment is to manufacture in the U.S. quality garments are demanded by the Tomboy community. They'll sell online on their website:
The goals for the company and the women running it, are to be responsive to their customers and create actual needed garments that are valued and worn for years. They want to create local jobs, and cultivate a global community. The women at Tomboy X see a need for well-made wardrobe basics that can be individualized by each wearer, designed for the +40 body, and made for daily and active wear. 
Jersey, What Exit? This Jersey-Knit Jacket Looks Sharp as a Blazer and Feels Soft as a Sweatshirt

To do this, the women who founded Tomboy X need to raise enough starter capital to get a minimum order into full production. So they are calling on all Tomboys to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $75,000 by March 13th, and at the date of this posting, they're a little over a quarter towards that goal. If you want to support a women for women company, who is dedicated in an active response to women over the age of forty, by making clothing with middle aged, active woman in mind, this is your time. Our closets could use a company that's dedicated to American made, quality sportswear, designed in direct response to women's wardrobe needs. 

Here's your chance to invest in this kind of company, make your contribution to the Tomboy Exchange venture today. 
Team Tomboy: A Women For Women Company
To stay updated about the Tomboy X Kickstarter campaign click HERE


Beryl said...

I wish them luck. Those clothes are a little too much Seattle Grunge all grown-up to wear in Tulsa, though. (Hate the term "Middle-Aged" - prefer something along the lines of Golden Years.)

Jill said...

I am definitely feeling that blue jacket in the center! Bella my dear, I feel quite certain that you have something green in that wonderful closet of yours, do you have time to join Adrienne and me for "How I Wear My: Green"? You can send me a picture if you want. We'd love to have you! XO, Jill

SeƱora Allnut said...

wish they become a successful company!, that jersey knit jacket looks so versatile and so comfy!
Glad you're sharing this with us!
besos over 40's

Anonymous said...

I've been following Tomboy X on Twitter for a while now. I love the jacket on the far right!

Spashionista (Alicia)

Ofelia said...

A company with a clear vision and mission and with women like me in mind is worth explore and support. Bella, thanks for the introduction.

Sometimes It's Good said...

I wish them well. I'm over 40 but I'm not really the Tomboy type. I'm more the skirts and dresses type.
Hugs, Susan