Monday, December 23, 2013

Fresh Picks: Catie Styles the Holidays

Seattle Stylist + Fashion Blogger, Catie of Fleur d'Elise styles Citizen Rosebud's fresh picks for the holidays
Recently, I had the chance to spend some time with Seattle fashion blogger and stylist, Catie B of the popular blog, Fleur D'Elise. Catie styled up some great winter holiday outfits, culled from the Citizens-of-Rosebud fresh picked vintage collection. We managed a quick photo session of some of our favorite winter holiday stylings, as she shared her style tips for dressing for the season.

This is the time of year to incorporate sparkles and fun into your wardrobe. A good question to ask yourself when putting together a festive outfit is "What would 6-year-old me want to wear?" For myself, it was shoes with bows. Velvet, another cozy option, looks rich and luxurious and photographs gorgeously. Velvet blazers are pretty easy to find, and finish off an outfit perfectly.

Sweaters may seem like no-brainers, but having a good variety in your wardrobe can make your life easier AND warmer. A cropped sweater is great for layering over dresses or pairing with high-waist skirts. A sweater in a size up means you will be able to work more layers into your outfit on extra cold days. 

Plaids look festive and are, quite frequently, made of very warm wool- so they're just the thing for the chilly walk from the car to the party.

Shine: I always break out the metallic accessories this time of year. Nothing says "Happy New Year" like a pair of heels that match the Times Square ball!

Dark colors: Don't get me wrong, dark colors are super practical in the Winter, so I recommend investing in black and navy colored wool garments, like pants and coats. They insulate as well as soak up heat from that seldom-seen ball of light known as the sun.

Fresh Picks: Catie's holidays picks are available at Citizen's space inside Beats + Bohos

Catie's Fresh Picks and holiday collection is currently available in the Citizens-of-Rosebud section at Beats + Bohos

Beats + Bohos is located: 7200 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle
In this story: vintage wool beret, vintage velvets, striped tops (similar) vintage Coach crossbody, vintage sweaters, Pendleton plaids, vintage furs and faux fur, 1980s rayon print dress. All accessories are Catie's own.

Treat yourself for the holidays! Schedule a styling session with Catie here


Patti said...

sooo pretty! Catie looks good in everything, ya know? Love the long plaid skirt and the lux fur wrap. xox

Carelia said...

I love her style!! Her hair is her best accessory and the silver clutch ;-) Thanks for sharing!

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Amber of Butane Anvil said...

What a lovely presence, and that plaid maxi skirt is amazing!

Melanie said...

Katie is a woman after my own heart. I love her style. She also has great advice. I'm starstruck over the stole.

Shybiker said...

Great style and clothing.

Becky said...

Wow!!!! Fun, fun, fun! She looks gorgeous. What a great photo-shoot and great styling! Fantastic job! <3

No Fear of Fashion said...

What a lovely outfits. I had great difficulty in creating a nice sparkly outfit this year. In the end I gave up. Terrible isn't it?