Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Be Marvelous

Sometimes I think you CAN judge a person by the shoes they choose to wear. And this month's #SHOESHINE offered up the tiniest little big epiphany for me:

that interesting people wear interesting shoes. Even if they are practical, and comfortable, there seemed to always be an element of character in what people choose to wear. So thank you for that. 

And thanks to all who showed up to the shoe party- you all rock. 

I've posted the dates for all the #SHOESHINE events for the rest of the year over on the Shoe Shine page (click here to see them) but basically it's the second Tuesday of the month, and the link will remain open for 6 days. The next one is Tuesday, March 11. 

But not all my kicks this month have been coming from shoes. There's been more than a few marvelous kicks coming from wheels. Like this cute pup, born without front feet, but is getting by with a little help from his friends (click here for a seriously adorable feel good session) it's good to see that Fashion is on a roll. Fashion history was made in New York last week with the first ever fashion runway featuring a model in a wheelchair.

Fashion, on a roll: First ever fashion model on a runway in a wheelchair.
Designer Carrie Hammer drove home her point that she makes "dresses designed to fit women, not dresses that women need to fit into" when she included Danielle Shepunk in her lineup. Shepunk, a successful psychologist looked confident, sexy and stylish, and was a welcome addition to the ever expanding fashion definition of what beauty is and can be. (You can read a great interview of the two over at the Guardian UK here.)

Speaking of Style on Wheels, I LOVED seeing my homeslice, blogger Alicia Searcy on the red carpet. Check out Alicia, aka Spashionista looking fantastic at a charity fundraiser in Nashville. (Read her account of the event here.) Alicia has long been an advocate for raising awareness of better accessibility for the hand-abled, and promoter supporting of local fashion labels and design.

photo source
The winner of this month's #SHOESHINE give-away is lucky number 7: Val Sparkle. Val wins a specially prepared care package featuring some of Citizen Rosebud's Fresh Picked Vintage.  Congrats to Val and to everyone who participated in being marvelous!


Beryl said...

Isn't Alicia's blog fun?! (As is yours, of course!) You do find the best shoes - love the aqua ones. Shoe Shine is rad! (To borrow an expression from you.)

Patti said...

Love to see women on a roll! And what a darling dog too. xox

Val said...

Ooooh, I'm so excited! Thanks, Bella, and lucky number 7!

Unknown said...

You're a sweetheart, Miss Bella. Thanks for your support because it really means the world to me!


Charlotte Issyvoo said...

The aqua ones are mine, darlings. I got them for $5 at a yard sale.

Jean at said...

You are the best. Loved seeing Pao's shoes and the picture of Alicia on the red carpet is fabulous. Coming to Portland in March. Any chance of seeing you? XXXOOO

J. said...

Fabulous post!
I love seeing real fashion on real women!

Shon said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

I love the shoe shine concept as well. I hope to link up some day.

The Style Crone said...

It's so exciting to see Style on Wheels, and Alicia shining on the red carpet. Thank you Bella, for spreading the word AND for featuring fabulous shoes.

SeƱora Allnut said...

ohhh, you're so inspiring and love your shoe shine!, and love every lady sharing and shining in her shoes or wheels, heels or clogs, everybody is just amazing!! (lovely Spashionista indeed!)

Unknown said...

Tks Bella for that wonderful post, sorry i was late commenting, a bit lazy these days with blogging and what is going on- But i do my best!

Love and hugs