Friday, June 6, 2014

SECONDHAND FIRST™: Chrome Comes to Seattle

The arrival of Chrome Industries to Seattle seems so natural. I couldn't think of a better fit for this mobile, eco-conscious and active city than the products that Chrome provides. You've probably seen their signature item around town: the ubiquitous messenger bag with the cool seatbelt strap? Yup, that's Chrome. 

When I was telling the boyfriend about my plans to attend a press event at the Chrome HUB in downtown Seattle, about how cool their messenger bags looked online, he simply pulled out HIS well-worn bag and showed it to me. It's a nearly six year old Chrome messenger bag. He loves their products. And after checking out their new downtown digs, I think I do too. 

Handy Hipsters: helpful Chrome clerks stand ready to serve in requisite crisp black Tees + scraggly beards.
Chrome hails from San Francisco and got its start catering to the thriving bike messenger world there. Which may explain the cool, clean, urban aesthetic that drives their collections. Quality, smart design that serves up solutions to getting around a city environment on a bike, while looking chill, is the hallmark of this brand. And looking around in their Seattle space, their sixth store in the world, you can feel the SF vibe going on. Its understated, hip and very "home brewed artisanal" which means it's going to go down smooth with the locals here. Up close the gear is phenomenally well made: the lines of bags, cases and clothing have a quietness to them, nothing screams loudly in need of attention, but rather softly whispers it. Well, not even a whisper, the confidence is so sub-sonic, and seems the sartorial equivalent to a chin nod aimed towards you from across the room.  The quality of the materials and the manufacturing is outstanding. These are items you purchase with the intent to use on a daily basis, with the intention to do so, for many years to come. 

Many of Chrome's products are made in the USA. MADE IN THE USA! When they are NOT, it's due to fact that the manufacturing process can be better served in other factories worldwide, and the people there  who make it, get fair wages, and good treatment. This is not sweatshopped gear, folks, this is a lean, mean ethical machine intent of procuring quality products made from smart and savvy designs. 

In case you're not living in one of the six cities their HUBs are located (SF, twice, New York, Chicago, Portland or Seattle) have no fear. They ship worldwide, and that includes their custom orders. You can go online and custom build your Chrome bag to your specifications. Cool, yeah? 

Shiny, Happy People: 4 out of 5 cute couples prefer Chrome. A Seattle pair of love birds check out the HUB.
Or if you are lucky enough to live near a Chrome store, you can saunter in, and have a Chrome bag made to order on site, while you wait. They plan on hosting monthly music events every third Thursday of the month, so what better incentive to check out the haps, while you get your Citizen or Mini Metro bag made to order? Experience comes complete with a fancy-pants coffee bar (serving up cult fave Blue Bottle by cup) and perhaps striking up the acquaintance of a new friend or two. 

What's your take on Chrome? Would you own a bag?

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mispapelicos said...

Glad to join you dear Bella, I could link the whole blog, lol.Everything I own is secondhand, haahahah
Love and sunshine ALWAYSSSSSSSSSS

Patti said...

Love those bags! I will have to check out the shop next time I am in NYC. xox

Val said...

You are so hip! They should hire you to do their website - I want to be there now, buying one in every color.

Jazzy Jack said...

Hi Bella, I love the bags and the look of the store! Unfortunately it's a bit out of my price range just now.
I was wondering what I do to take the secondhand pledge? That's pretty much all I do these days, unless I make it :-) So much more adventurous and creative!
I am in love with your writing! My favourite line in this post:

"the confidence is so sub-sonic, and seems the sartorial equivalent to a chin nod aimed towards you from across the room."

B said...

Ohhh I love those bags!!! I want one so badly!!!

Just started following you here and at your profile in . Very cool!!
So fun to be able to see your graphics and Top Posts!


Señora Allnut said...

such great bags, they look cool and durable, and love they're almost locally made!
besos & bolsos

Anonymous said...

Great place and product. I just drove by here the other day. I just love their logo alone. Hope they do well in the hood.

Jayne H said...

Great post Bella, glad to join your link up. Those bags look fabulous and the personalisation option is such a good idea.

Unknown said...

Bella, Thanks for reminding me about the link! Debbie @

The Style Crone said...

Chrome Industries is new to me, so I appreciate the introduction in your well written post. Secondhand first is my lifestyle! Thank you for hosting a great link-up!

Unknown said...

Ohh Pretty cool profile at Le Guide Noir!! =) Thanks for sharing B.

Love the personalisation option of the bags!

Unknown said...

Hey, do you have any sources for the ethics of their over seas suppliers? I have been scouring the internet but this article is literally the only thing I've found that mentions it. Thank you!