Thursday, July 17, 2014

SUSTAINABLE SOUL: chrome's mobile factory tour

RUBBER SOUL: Ya gotta love a company that looks to the past for innovations for the future. That's kind of what sustainable style is all about: keeping what works, and fine-tuning it for better products, and better living. We've written about San Francisco-based Chrome Industries before, and we're gonna mention them again.  The company is launching a cross-country tour, showing off it's recently acquired, vintage war apparel machine that they've retrofitted to make sneakers that kick concrete jungle's ass. 

It's coming to the Emerald City  tomorrow and Saturday, so if you're in Seattle, think about swinging by and checking them and the contraption out.
WHAT: Chrome turns modern manufacturing upside down by resurrecting 70-year-old Forged Rubber machines originally used to make army boots.  Discovered in eastern Slovakia, an area of the world known for its demanding city landscapes, the Forged Rubber machines were refurbished and adapted to make sneakers that embody the brand’s spirit of making thoughtful, well-made products.  

Each Forged Rubber sneaker is individually made by hand using heated pressure and fused directly onto the upper to ensure no separation between the upper and the sole. A reflective heel and odor resistant technology are also integrated for daily city survival.

WHERE: Chrome HUB  - 1117 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
WHEN: July 18th Friday & July 19 Saturday - The Unveiling of “Forged Rubber” Manufacturing 11am - 7pm

We've got our eye on these tasty bites of (rubber) red deliciousness:

#SECONDHANDFIRST: Sustainable Kicks. Vintage innovation. American Made.
 Which you can purchase HERE.

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Jazzy Jack said...

I want! When are they coming to Australia!
Love the reflective heel, and the quick dry inside, as well as the looks. Thanks for giving us a heads up. Will keep my eyes open for down under arrival :-) JJ