Sunday, August 15, 2010

the heart of saturday night

 Good times can never be succinctly summed up in a handful of photos. But I'm going to try, my pumpkins. Last night, D & I plunged into the white waters of Art Second Saturday, and did we have a nice ride. 
First we headed to Bows & Arrows, where we took a peek at the relentlessly talented Jesse Vasquez and his photography. Ran into the uber-stylish Lisa M, of Starship Narcissus, who was there doing a little vintage shopping with her beautiful family. I had the pleasure of meeting her handsome husband Aleric, as well as re-meeting one of her lovely sisters, Christiane. Let me just say for the record that those McCrea sisters are a bevy of knock-outs.
Sea of Bees performed while we were there. A soft little show, one slip of a girl with a haunting voice and steady guitar quietly captivated the audience. You can discover more about Sea of Bees here.

Our other destination was the Bicycle Kitchen, where you can always count on a rousing show and cheap good beer on 2nd Saturdays, and this eve was no exception. All sorts of Midtowners were there, and every variety of plaid shirt seemed to be wandering the joint. Summertime plaid is alive and well in the heart of Midtown.
You can see the complete set of photos on the Citizen Rosebud's Facebook page.


Amy Acorn said...

sounds like you had an awesome time and love the 70's vibe to your outfit =] x

Heather said...

Love your top! :)

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

great running into you gorgeous <3

Casee Marie said...

That looks like such a lovely time! And your outfit is darling. (:

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Well it sounds like you have had quite the weekend! Do you start the new job tomorrow? You must be excited.

Also, we're having a little giveaway at our blog - so check it out.

xo Becca @ Free Honey

natale eve said...

I love this Moroccan-esque top. Tre chic. Did you happen to hit the block party on 8th and R? It was a pleasant surprise.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Cheap good beer...that's enough to lure me. HA!

mispapelicos said...

Good weekend, full of fun, that´s what life is about.
Thank you for sharing.

jemina said...

What a FUN weekend babe!!!

I LOVE your top, and you look amazing as always :))

One day we MUST meet!!!!!

Wishing you the sweetest day babycake

Simone Rennard said...

Love weekend snaps :)

Prutha Raithatha said...

love the first picture and ur indian tunic is super cute!!