Thursday, December 23, 2010

Early Xmas

Ladies & Gentlemens, 

This Blossom is not at all ready for Christmas. Are YOU? 

I've been busy, and yet and not even remotely caught up. The only thing I've been catching is a cold; ack-choo, dtang-ku veddy much. 

BUT I wanted to share with you a few early Xmas presents I received yesterday, one of which regrettably is going to be returned for a smaller size. Check out these boots: 
Doc Martens is bloomin' madly! Shop here 
An even sweeter gift came from my dear blogger friend Reva, of Reva's Rags 2 Roses. She wrote a wonderful piece about me, and my blogs, complete with an interview. I have to say I was incredibly touched by her effort, it is such a honor to be held in such high esteem! Thank you Reva, so much! What a Christmas present! 
Reva of Reva's Rags 2 Roses BLOOMS MADLY
You can read her wonderful post by clicking here.
Who wears Pearls & Puka Shells? I do!
 Reva recently organized a "Pearl Party" in which she invited a dozen or so bloggers to post a picture of them wearing pearls. I wish I would have remembered this outfit I wore a week ago, mixing up an vintage pearls and puka shells!

Check out Reva's Pearl Party here

 Heavy on the roses: the Citizen Rosebud blooms madly.
Now Wearing: 
  • felted wool sweater from FreeStyle
  • cotton chintz dress from Target
  • vintage under-slip
  • button ring/bead rings
  • felted rosette pin (Morf, from the Midtown Bazaar)
  • Hue tights
  • No name Granny boots

Wishing you all a warm & wonderful holiday!


A BRIT GREEK said...

Loving the DM's!!! That girl knows you/your style well!

Sorry to hear you have the sniffles, have you seen an old post of mine on beating the cold?

Stick a hair dryer up your nose and inhale warm air a few times to kill off the bacteria doll! Oh and lots of vit C!


Unknown said...

Oh how I love flowers!!! They just make everything look better! The Docs are adorable and so are you in your floral everythign! Merry Christmas! ~Serene

mispapelicos said...

I love the flowery boots, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I didn´t know they existed...Now, I am in lov eagain, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh with a pair of boots.
I am not surprised that people find you so amazing, I do.

Sara Kristiina said...

Oh your sweater is so cute!

autumn, coffee and inspiration

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I do love the boots, but they run wide and not sure I can get a smaller size. Boo hoo.

thank you B.G., Serene, Sac and Sara! Wishing you all a very merry Xmas! xo.


Floral Doc Martens? They MUST have had you in mind when they designed those! They are so you.

Going over to read your feature now!

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

Collette Osuna said...

Those boots ROCK woman!! Love them...and of course love your colorful, cheery outfit too:)

Stop by and say Hello♥

Statements in Fashion Blog♥

devilishlypleasurable said...

Pearl parties? Wow! Have a great holiday blooming incredibly! x

Lise Marie said...

Fabulous boots! And I love the pearls and puka shells.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

@V of G&G: I know, right?
thank you Ms Osuna and DP, you should sign up for the next pearl party too!
@Lise Marie: thank you. I thought i was pretty clever ; P

sbot said...

fun post!


Isquisofrenia said...

what a sweet present!!! thats awesome
i love receving things from other bloggers !!

Marta said...

merry christmas, gorgeous!!! :o)

Java said...

Hi Bella!

Thanks for stopping by the Over 40 Bloggers I would love to add you to the list! Please add the Over 40 Button to your blog and then let me know so I can add you to the list!

I am now following you! Please follow me back if you haven’t done so already!!

Be sure to come by Friday night for the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!

Have a great day!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Abot: Thanks!
C of Isquisofrenia: I hope you checked out Reva's awesome post. I really couldn't have asked for a nicer gift.

Marta: Merry Xmas! xo.

Hello Java! You are followed and soon to be added to the blog-roll. Looking forward in getting to know you!

Lee Oliveira said...

What I love about you is the fact you play with lots and lots of colours at the same time..
And it works because you have a tremendous bubbly personality..
I can't see in black.. don't know why.. (maybe because I haven't) hahaha
Merry Xmas Dear,
Have a fabulous happy holiday

Danielle Barbe said...

i've loved those boots for so long! i'm glad you're rockin' them!