Tuesday, March 15, 2011

outfit post: the Ides have It

I only have Ides for you, March.
Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
Cry "Caesar!" Speak, Caesar is turn'd to hear.
Beware the ides of March.
What man is that?
A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

The Citizen Rosary
My heart's been taken on a roller-coaster ride, and now more than ever I am re-accessing my role as a fashion blogger. I will admit, I was appalled the day of the great earthquake in Japan, that I had to shift through tons of callus tweeting of fashion bloggers shilling their latest outfit posts and twit-pics of the latest, greatest Jeffery Campbell platforms. SERIOUSLY. There's a country being devastated, live, and all you've got to say is: check out my color blocking? (Go ahead and insert your favorite cuss word here, because I am fucking saying it.) I have never been so embarrassed by the superficiality of fashion followers and their ilk. 

Then, I had the pleasure to be reminded that not everybody's beauty runs skin deep. The post of Rumi Neely, known for her blog, Fashiontoast, touched my heart as she touched many others with her earnest post on Japan. If you haven't read it yet, here's the link: For Japan.

And I am grateful for the "Deep Style" bloggers out there, who inspire me, not just with mere outfits but with their heart, warmth and depth- the ah-mazing Judith of Style Crone comes immediately to mind. The thoughtful Roz, Jill of Pics by Polka Dot, Leia of Leia's Delights, Terri of Rags Against the Machine.

Gearing up for GETTING LUCKY: posing in a make-shift photo spot at the Citizens of Rosebud studio.
I'm not suggesting we drop our specialty topic, which is by nature superficial, but we could perhaps seek to put more context in our activities. There has been a lot of serious news recently: natural disasters, political upheavals, and while I'll not saying we should shift our subject, I am urging that we make room for these more substantial, real world events happening in real time. Don't fashion blog in a vacuum. For example: please re-access the urgency to tweet your outfit post on your new flared jeans while a 30-foot tsunami wave is washing away a whole Japanese village.

That said, let me awkwardly segue into an announcement that my Get Lucky Shabby Apple dress give-away ends tomorrow 5 pm. I will announce the winner on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, a most venerated of American holidays. If you haven't entered to win, you can do so here. Good Luck!

Don't turn your back on world events.
Now Wearing: 
  • Vintage 1960's green/blue knit jacket- Citizens of Rosebud
  • Vintage rosaries- Citizens of Rosebud
  • Novelty Irish T-shirt- Citizens of Rosebud
  • Vintage '80's cumberbund- Citizens of Rosebud
  • Thrifted jean shorts- (Bella's own)
  • Green tights- We Love Colors
  • Vintage tan tapestry weekender- Citizens of Rosebud
  • Ivory leather booties- Citizens of Rosebud
If you'd like news on the developments of Japan, click here.

Consider making a donation to the American Red Cross.  Please click here.


mispapelicos said...

My dear Bella, just because people don´t talk about it, doesn´t mean they don´t care. Perphaps the quiet ones are the ones who trully feel.
Much love to you my friend.

feministified said...

so, is there a color, print, or pattern you don't rock the hell out of?

answer: nope. you look good in everything.

i love it. xoxo

annimal said...

We are very lucky, indeed. To think that people all over the world are suffering all the time from natural disasters, hunger, disease, oppression and broken hearts is like a tsunami of sadness washing over us. But there is still so much beauty and promise in the world that we must be grateful for the abundant gifts we take for granted, and share that gratitude as far as we can reach.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Hi Bella, I think many people just don't know how to deal with this kind of thing, especially the younger ones. And I suspect others think 'what can I say about it that hasn't already been said'? So they tweet about their new jeans instead. The whole thing is so horrfic it is almost beyond words. xx

Unknown said...

I appreciate this blog post you wrote. It is important to realize what is happening in the world. I hardly had words to express past my tears for the people of Japan... I had to go on with my husband's birthday party plans in the midst of everyone being upset! It was hard. But there is only so much one can do from so far away...

The Semi Sweet said...

I took the Friday off from blogland due to being in constant contact with the news all day at work. It was horrific. I can't imagine how these towns will even begin to rebuild. And the nuclear disaster that seems to be looming over their heads just adds to the misery.

I'm kind of glad I didn't see an influx of blog posts related to the tsunami/earthquake disaster. It would've become repetitive. We all know what's going on and we all cope with the disaster in different ways. Donations, prayers, and volunteering are things most people keep silent I guess.

Vix said...

Loving those green tights on you, you gorgeous gal!
I was in Asia during the 2004 tsunami and witnessed the devastation first hand. The effects still continue today with thousands of childen made orphans and families having to scratch for a living after loosing everything.
Actions speak louder than words and a donation to the Red Cross is more important than talk. xxx

Jill said...

Bella, on a superficial note, I love your green jacket, it is so Chanel.

As for blogging/tweeting when much of Japan is in ruins, don't even get me started on this topic. On September 11, 2001, in Manhattan, my husband walked home from work after watching the south tower of the World Trade Center fall, along with his fellow architect coworkers, some of whom watched people jumping from the burning building before it collapsed. My husband noted that he saw people next to him, also walking home, stunned, covered in ash, clearly having just come from the World Trade Center area and yet other people were laughing and lunching at sidewalk cafes, as if nothing at all had happened, as if nearly 3,000 hadn't just died a horrible violent death. Is that people in shock and deep denial or sheer callousness?

Ofelia said...

Bella, because we concentrate in what's going on in our mundane everyday life and fashion choices does not means that we are not involve in giving support thru The Red Cross, churches and/or Japanese American associations!
Many of us just want to do our thing privately and not putting these efforts in our blogs because we may look life fools wanting attention for doing good.
In a more superficial note: Love the crosses and all the green!!!

Franca said...

You know, I've been glued to the news, I've donated to the Red Cross, I have reassessed my opinion on nuclear power (I was ambivalent before, I am definitely anti now). But I haven't posted about it, and barely tweeted about it, mainly because I am still processing and I don't know what to say yet (or maybe I never will). But that doesn't mean I don't care. Everyone deals with these things differently. And I agree with Vix and others above - actions are what matters.

Sorry if this sounds defensive, I just wanted to explain that I don't think an outfit post means the absence of concern.

Unknown said...

Well said, Bella. One can't and shouldn't blog in a fashion vacuum. Thanks for putting light on this tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I thought I was all alone....
As a new reader of your post, I am glad to see you have a solid head on your shoulders and some common sense as well. I have always loved style, but I try to keep it in it's proper perspective and as for those tweets which seemed ill timed, well, I passed them on by and will look at whether to continue following.
Sometimes things come our way and cause us to re-evaluate our priorities....

Collette Osuna said...

I hear you Bella.....:( I'm happy others have posted about the cause and concern and have set up ways we all can help.

On a lighter note....I do adore your green outfit...its very fun..very YOU:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Enter my Fab Free People Giveaway!!♥

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Bella, I think you will love this story. My daughter went to Saipan in October..she returned and asked where her grandmother's sewing machine was. Up to that moment, neither of us sewed, so, when I had a student going to SCAD to study fashion design, I gave the machine to her. My daughter was not happy with me...she wanted to go back to Saipan and teach the women there how to make garments and empower them to make their own money. Sex trafficking is a huge problem there as so many other places. My sweet J marries and moves there in June. I went to one of the style blogger conferences this past weekend and as (I believe God) the fates would have it....I won a sewing machine from Burda Style!!!! I was stunned...and it will go to Saipan in June! Stay tuned for the rest of the story! I am a journalism every day I have to take a moment to face the harsh realities of life...sometimes blogging is the escape. I lead another life where I comment on the world around me. Occasionally those worlds intersect! I love your tender, sweet heart....

Rebecca said...

First off, your green outfit made me happy!

Sometimes I find it hard to address world issues in my blog, due to the type of content that I post. I do appreciate seeing other bloggers mention these topics, especially since it helps me to reflect on my own content.

Sarah said...

I still watch the news with horror and anxiety, and I addressed Japan in my style blog in my own way. They continue to be in my thoughts. They're experiencing so much grief, fear, and rebuilding of what was one of the safest countries to live in; and we all need to remember that we could be next.

But you know -- for sanity and calm, and keeping in mind that this could happen to anyone at any time, we sometimes need to return to making beauty, building friendships, finding pleasure.

Cry as you watch hundreds of cars and dwellings being swept away by the tsunami, remembering that there were drivers in some of those cars, babies in those houses...

But make a date at a cafe with friends you haven't seen in a while; make some extra time to play with your kids; create some beauty with your outfits and write up a thoughtful fashion blog post like Bella Q. and others.

That said -- I love the layering of the little festive T over the colorful swirly top, and the cheerful rosary, and the creamy leather booties, and the tweedy gold buttoned jacket that is not at all stuffy in its vibrant colors and styling.

Gina said...

I love how festive you look! You've inspired me to find something green and glamorous to wear this Thursday.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i love the vintage knit jacket dear!

and although i agree with you that fashion bloggers should try to sometimes focus on other things happening in the world, other than "superficial" fashion, etc., and i do love that some bloggers took the time to write about the devastation in Japan; i also feel a bit different about it.

i woke up and heard about japan on the radio, donated money when i got to work, talked about it with my coworkers, came home and watched it on CNN, spoke more about it with my hubby--and have virtually spoken about it every day since it happened, which is not a problem at all!

but, for me, it was nice to be able to take my attention off that by reading someone's outfit post or makeup look or whatever. even if it is fluff, it's necessary fluff that makes you smile in times of tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Bella, I certainly don't know you very well at all, but from what I've read you clearly have a very big heart and a talent for the written word. I can't speak for others, but I struggle with saying something worth reading about my clothes/fashion, let alone feeling qualified to say something of any substance about such a tragic event. There are others that can fill that role much better than I. I appreciate that you feel "big" feelings with such comfort and that you write on a larger scale than strictly from the view of your closet.

Keep us all thinking Bella.


WendyB said...

Just to be a contrarian pain in the ass...bad things happen all the time yet sports are played, sitcoms are aired, movies stay in the theaters, restaurants stay open and serve food, people buy the new iPad, etc.. I don't think fashion is any different or more superficial than any other aspect of ordinary life. As I said on Sister Wolf's blog, I used to work at CNN but now I don't, so I don't attempt to cover the news like I used to. I'm also not sure people are fully represented in their tweets -- at least not enough for particular individuals to be judged by them, necessarily. There are idiots, true, and there are far more idiots than good people but thoughtful people do exist who don't work at CNN and aren't obligated to cover the news as if they did.

Also, the fact that I sit and watch Japan coverage for hours at a time has managed to make me extremely anxious and upset ... but certainly didn't do anything meaningful for Japan. Maybe it's good that there are places where people can get a break from the world's constant misery.

My Heart Blogged said...

I really agree with this. I felt almost awkward posting about the clothes I wore. I did touch about it in my post a little. I didn't want to go too in depth because I know a lot of people are worried sick about their family. I wish I could do more. I feel so helpless. I mean I can donate, but I wish I could be there. Helping people pick up the pieces.
My Heart Blogged

A BRIT GREEK said...

I was totally gripped by what the devastation in Japan and couldn't tear myself away from the news all day... plus it's a country not far from my loved ones too. Scary stuff.

You so have a huge heart girl and i admire you for it... i think some people often want a distraction from such a terrible tragedy... but can come across as vacuous and whatnot too.

The greens making me smile love, been rocking this colour myself lately too. But you look good in that knitted jacket!


Good Eye said...

I've been having nightmares about tsunamis ever since the events began in Japan. Bad nightmares. I know I take these things particularly hard, so I need to protect my heart. A little distraction is quite welcome. That said, thank you for those green tights. ;)

Unknown said...

Right there with ya.
I wasn't even aware til Sunday and I was so ashamed as I don't watch the news, though I believe that many were affected, some deal with crisis in different ways. i decided to apply for the Red Pump Project, to begin to 'give back' to society.
The beauty of tragedies like this are the stories of the found mothers, the infant that survived for a day, alone under the rubble and that the US was one of the first to get a move on and help.
I cannot imagine the pain there, but i sure did hug Rod harder and called my mom and Dad..........
By the by, green suits you my Love!
Love always,
Reeve's xXxxxXxxXxXXXxxXxXxX

citizen rosebud said...

Perhaps my soapbox is a bit slippery. I see some people speak defensively when they specifically are folks I would never describe as superficial. In fact the day the the news broke, certain bloggers seem to keep everything in context and either by silence (not tweeting) or RT the news gave me a strong feeling of caring. Perhaps Vix says it best:" Actions speak louder than words and a donation to the Red Cross is more important than talk."

I wasn't admonishing those who DIDN'T blog about it, I was admonishing those who weren't making room for it, it being a devastating global tragedy. I acknowledge we are FASHION bloggers- I am not saying we should talk politics, but again- not a vacuum folks. I challenge us to move above the superficial medium of fashion and add meaning. -Bella Q

Unknown said...


Thanks my love !!!!
I wasn't being defensive, but you always make me think.........
(which you know is a good thing ;)
I think a lot of people get defensive, as it makes us look at ourselves and challenges us to be bETTER people.

I was actually wierded out that i didn't know til Sunday!
I swear, the world could end tomorrow and I would sleep right through it ;)

This post is great and a necessary one, i think.
I am sooo glad you are you and i like your passion for others.
You are the "one-eyed chicklet in the land of the blind" :)
(quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Unknown said...

PS, i am now on the prowl for a saturated color block out-fit
( check out k.lynn a few days back )
love it !!!

stylenuggets said...

Some events are too catastrophic to blog/tweet about but as Sacramento said we certainly know and sympathise with the people of the country and help if we can.

Cynthia Gibas said...

I've been having the same feelings about style blogging while watching the people in my home state of Wisconsin fighting for their rights as workers, and it is harder and harder to feel good about going shopping, or even thinking about shopping, when you know the union busting efforts are designed to hasten the race to the bottom and convert America into the new cheap labor market.

But yeah, Japan, too. And Libya and the rest of the Middle East. And Michigan and Ohio. WTF, world?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention Rosebud...I think knowing Iman has brought all of these disasters home to me in a personal way.

Admiring your jacket.

Anonymous said...

Your post has definitely made me think more about what is going on in Japan. It’s good to not be so numb to this tragedy. Keep writing about the things that make you passionate! Personally, I try not to get irritated or upset over Twitter/blogs/facebook content (I said try right?) because they can never portray the dynamic nature of a real person - all of their cares, frustrations, worries and dreams. I definitely still struggle with the concept of fashion - open a boutique while there’s starving people all over the world?!? I guess I console myself with the hope that there would be caring, genuine people in every profession. Maybe I secretly hope for a higher proportion in political office but I’m not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Your post has definitely made me think more about what is going on in Japan. It’s good to not be so numb to this tragedy. Keep writing about the things that make you passionate! Personally, I try not to get irritated or upset over Twitter/blogs/facebook content (I said try right?) because they can never portray the dynamic nature of a real person - all of their cares, frustrations, worries and dreams. I definitely still struggle with the concept of fashion - open a boutique while there’s starving people all over the world?!? I guess I console myself with the hope that there would be caring, genuine people in every profession. Maybe I secretly hope for a higher proportion in political office but I’m not holding my breath.

beneath the glass said...

hey bella! i have to say that i do agree for the most part with what you said. when everything went down, i tried to avoid tweeting and such because i thought it might come across as being superficial. and i too was surprised that so many people weren't appearing to acknowledge what happened. but as some have pointed out, perhaps they didn't know what to say so they went about with their everyday routine. everyone handles situations differently.

love the green! :D

Beneath the Glass

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. I've always felt fashion has depth beyond the clothes. The news of the tsunami made me re-assess my material pursuits. Seeing footage of cars and houses swimming around in the tsunami like toys in a wading pool made me realize that that shit don't matter. What matters is the people. Really, that's all that matters. The rest is just stuff.

citizen rosebud said...

Thank you so much for your response, Laura. What a great perspective, and probably the reason why I keep coming back to your blog for your great posts- you are deep style, and a woman of substance.

Anika said...

Hi sweetheart, thank you for your two recent posts. I think it is our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable, as people and as bloggers. For me I have chosen to not blog recently, not finding it meaningful enough in the light of the suffering of our fellows. I do understand the variying reasons for people blogging, to each their own. I have such love and respect for you Bella. kisses from Anika

StylePantry said...

Awww you are so freaking cute. I love your haircut. It's amazing. Glad to meet you on here - now a fan :)


I agree, with you, but also understand "Wendy" & "oh to be a muse's" comments. For me what happened in Japan was emotional & completely devastating. As some fashion bloggers, I tweeted about it, and was deeply moved by what happened, (I think especially since my family has friends who were over there). We all deal with events in different ways...for me it wasn't necessarily posting it was all about donating.
When I read Rumi's post I was so moved by it and happy that she was able to express herself in a way people normally didn't see on her blog.
Being consumed with what's happening in the world isn't healthy for anyone, yet I think we all as humans should definitely acknowledge the horrific events that are taking place in Japan, but also including other countries. I believe some people are still shocked by the event and do hope that they will do their part in contributing. Sorry the long comment! Thank you for this post.

The Style Crone said...

Thank you Bella, for your passion and your willingness to express your values and beliefs. Thank you also for your mention and your kind words. The Style Crone

Heather Fonseca said...

Oh I know Bella, I know.

I have to say, when the earthquake first hit I wasn't all that concerned. After all, if anyplace has great building code's it's Japan. But the tsunami, that was horrific. At that point, I couldn't post anything about fashion. I still don't know what or when I'm going to post next...