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A Word to the Wise: A Blogger Spotlight on JT Wisdom

Bubbling Over with Elegance and Grace
J.T. Wisdom is a +40 fashion blogger who has a lot more to talk about than the latest fashion mood-swings.  She is thoughtful in her posts and in her comments to others. A mid-west girl who loves the big-city but can appreciate the country, J.T. Wisdom's cup runneth over in her blog, Bubbling with Elegance and Grace.

THE CITIZEN: How long have you been blogging?

JT WISDOM: I started my blog in August 2009, so for almost two years.

THE CITIZEN: What inspires your style? 

JT WISDOM: My grandmother and mother are my two biggest inspirations. My mother taught me how to remix my clothing so that it looks like I have way more clothes than I actually have in my closet. My Grandmother taught me that you do not have to wear name brand clothing to look good; boy was she right about that one.
My fashion sense ignited when I took a sewing class in Home Economics in high school. That class taught me how to save money by making my own clothes including my high school graduation and baccalaureate dresses.

THE CITIZEN: You are an "over 40" blogger, when most bloggers average between 14 and 28. What motivated you to start your blog? 

 JT WISDOM: I enjoy writing about fashion, beauty, hair care and lifestyles issues. And mind you I love wearing all types of fashion and accessories.  I started my blog as a way for me to write about these topics and to be able to share information with other people who have the same interests.
When I first started blogging I didn't know anything about the whole age thing. It wasn't until I became more involved with the various communities that I found many of the bloggers are under 30.

THE CITIZEN: Were you discouraged at first because of your age? If so,  what got you to move beyond the discouragement and get to blogging?

JT WISDOM: Sure, when you look at all the people who are blogging right now, so many of them are under 30. It seems like I was way out my league; but I still wanted to blog. So I decided that I would not let age stop me from doing what I wanted to.
I enjoy blogging and I've learned so much in every aspect of it. The sky is the limit with my blog and I'm enjoying the ride and the community of meeting really cool people.

THE CITIZEN: As an older woman, do you find yourself comfortable with contemporary fashion? Where do you see areas of improvement in the industry? 

JT WISDOM Well, I don't consider myself an older woman. Age is just a number. I'm in my early forties and I am as youthful as I feel. You can be 19 and feel old or you can be in your eighties with tons of energy to run your next marathon.  One of my long-time friends always says at each birthday that she is so many years young and I love that phrase. 
The fashion industry to me gives mixed messages because I hear designers and fashion magazine editors say that they cater to everyone.  But this is simply not true.  When I flip the pages of the fashion magazines, I may see one model that is over a size 8; but every other model is a size 2 or less. When I look at a garment it would be nice to see it on a body shape that is my size and not only on a stick thin model.

THE CITIZEN: What has being "over 40" done to help your self esteem? Are you more comfortable in your own skin?
What's been the best benefit to you as a blogger?

JT WISDOM: I am in my early forties and hopefully with age comes wisdom.  My relationship with my Lord and Savior has helped me tremendously in feeling comfortable in my own skin and dealing with self esteem. 
My blog has introduced me to a fashion and beauty community in a passionate way. In my current job, I am completely removed from the fashion industry all together. The jewel of blogging is community and meeting people from all over the world without leaving my home.   I am able to interact with bloggers as if they were a neighbor across the street, not across the world.

THE CITIZEN: Who are your readers? Who would you like to read your blog?

JT WISDOM: My blog readers are a diverse group, from fashion bloggers to stay-at-home moms. I have many readers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Bangladesh. It's cool for me to see that my blog have visitors from all over the world.

I love diversity so I would like men and women of all ages from all nationalities to read my blog.  I strive for my blog to be appealing to anyone who loves fashion.  I want the mindset that if you love fashion then you will love  

"The jewel of blogging is  community & meeting people from all over the world without leaving my home."

Name 3 blogs you enjoy reading, that inspire you. 
  1. Leia’s Delights –
  2. The Style Crusader -
  3. Taxonomy of my Wardrobe –

THE CITIZEN: You've recently moved to Wordpress from Blogger. What made you decide to make the switch? 

JT WISDOM: I started on Blogger because it had an easy-to-learn platform. As I became more comfortable, I wanted to see what WordPress could do for me. There’s so much freedom now.  I can add many plug-ins and finally design my blog the way I want with no limits and that is a thrill to me.

THE CITIZEN: Any words of advice to other bloggers?

JT WISDOM: First and foremost- BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. If you enjoy writing about fashion, write about fashion.  If you have another passion write about that, blog about what moves and inspires you.
HAVE FUN! If you want to blog about fashion because that is what you enjoy, then it has to be fun. Do not get caught up in how many subscribers you have or how many people have commented on your post. 

THE CITIZEN: Has blogging changed your style at all? 

JT WISDOM: Not at all! I like being a girly-girl and my blog has not changed that. It just has provided me an opportunity to talk about it with others who have the same passion that I do.

Where do you see yourself and your blog in 3 years?

JT WISDOM: I enjoy blogging and I have learned so much in every aspect of it. The sky is the limit with my blog and I am enjoying the ride and the community of meeting really cool people.  I would love to see if I could include an online shop that would include some of my favorite handbags and accessories and as a bonus I would love to include 100% Natural products for the hair and body.

THE CITIZEN: Any last words?
JT WISDOM: I love this quote from Sophia Loren- “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” 

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Collette Osuna said...

LOVE her!! Another 40+ blogger for me to stalk...great interview Bella..what a fab quote at the end of the interview and SOOO true!!!..Im off to follow her blog now...thanks for always spreading the love Sweets....rock on ladies!!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
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citizen rosebud said...

Thanks, Collette! I am really enjoying my newfound role of introducing bloggers to one another.

The Creative Bohemian said...

I love heating about new 40+ blogs! You are right, Bella, so many are under 30 and it is refreshing to see someone my own age with so much style and class!


Unknown said...

Awesome interview, Bella !!!
Gonna go support my 'over-40' blogger
right now !!!!

superheidi said...

Glad to meet yet another 40+blogger! Thank you and thank you JT Wisdom.

JTWisdom said...

Bella Q,

I love the post, it's wonderful. You know it's like you and I were having this interview while drinking a cup of hot tea. I am honored that you are my blog friend. You just don't know how much I appreciate this. I am giving you a virtual hug!

I would like to thank you for featuring me on your fabulous blog. It's an honor to be amongst greatness. I also like to thank everyone who checked out my blog, followed my blog, or followed my Facebook page after reading this interview on Bella's lovely blog. I really appreciate it very much and humbled.

Thank you!



Oh to Be a Muse said...

lovely interview. thank you for allowing me to find a new blogger. she sounds very interesting so i'm heading over to her site right now!

Ofelia said...

Bella thanks for another great over 40 blogger spotlight and her Sofia Loren quote is very inspiring!!!
Have a great week!

citizen rosebud said...

JT: a big thank you to YOU for agreeing to be interviewed. Also for the thoughtfulness and kindness that you put in every comment you make. I hope tons of people discover you and let them know they are so many great voices and perspectives in personal blogging. A hug back at you, friend. -Bella Q

My Heart Blogged said...

I love the quote at the end of the interview. Also, her own saying "The jewel of blogging is community & meeting people from all over the world without leaving my home." I love that about blogging too. You get to meet such a diverse group of people, and interact with them.
My Heart Blogged

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across JT's blog during the November remix challenge. I like how she thinks of us as "neighbors."

Veshoevius said...

JT Wisdom was one of the first bloggers I met through Modly Chic's Friend Friday - a wonderful lady and so glad to see her featured.

A BRIT GREEK said...

I am so enjoying these posts Bella and great questions too, i love hearing other peoples perspective on things.

She's over 40???? Like really? Wow, she's so gorgeous and has a great sense of style too.

Plus, the quote at the end - inspiring! Love it!

I hope you're having a great start to the week miss ray of sunshine!


Jill said...

Bella, thanks for featuring JT! I found her through a Links a la Mode post, with a kick-ass piece she wrote about the 'uproar' regarding Michelle Obama wearing that fantastic Alexander McQueen dress. I have been loving her blog ever since.

mispapelicos said...

She is fantastic, and you are always so kind spreading your love in the blogosphere.
Much love, my dear Bella.


JT is thoughtful in her interactions with other bloggers...she's super sweet. It's nice to see the spotlight shine on her!


Anonymous said...

Bella, you're like "Julie-the-Blog-cruise-director" ;)

It's so inspiring to find other 40+ like minded women. Age really is a matter of attitude. You go with your bad self.

Off to check out a new Bloggy sister.

brookemeagan said...

Great interview Bella! I really enjoyed reading and learning about JT. She is incredibly inspiring and has the most amazing attitude and energy about her. I will definitely be visiting her on her blog! xoxo

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

JT seems so inspiring and fabulous. It's funny -- many bloggers that I interact with are 40+ and most are 30+ even though the average age of bloggers is younger. Perhaps I'm wise beyond my years! ;)

I've missed you, Bella. It's good to be back in the blogosphere & twitterverse. :)
Twitter @theloudermouth

silvergirl said...

So nice to see a 40 plus blogger represent!
Can't wait to go and check out her blog

ABIGAIL NY said...

Nice interview!

The Style Crone said...

Great interview! Will be checking out JT's blog. You contribute so much to the blogging community, Bella. Thank you! The Style Crone

JTWisdom said...


This is such a wonderful post. JT sounds like the most elegant and graceful lady. I sure wish I could find a wife like her.

Ummm... wait a minute! I did! JT is my fabulous wife. I have been 'following her' for the last eleven years. She is not only wise, but also the most wonderful and beautiful lady. You only get to see a small portion of her. But I have been blessed to be a part of her life, every moment of the day.

And to all of the other ladies who have made such nice comments, I appreciate the love you have shown towards my wife.


citizen rosebud said...

Hello Jay, or shall I say Mr. JT? You are a lucky man, and it's good to see how supportive you are of your wife. Thank you so much for your comments, and give JT a hug for me! -Bella Q

Heather Fonseca said...

How wonderfully inspirational! Thank you so much. I'm just loving this over 40 bloggers thing you're doing.


citizen rosebud said...

Thank you Heather! I am overwhelmed by the positive response. I think we are all surprised that there were so many of us out there- and here we thought we were doing this all alone!

Unknown said...

Ooh, I like her! I can relate to alot of what she said, especially about age being a number. I am very immature :)