Saturday, April 9, 2011

outfit post: Crazy

Mix not Match: Feeling Crazy
Woke up in the mood to be as far away from matchy-matchy as I could get. So I threw on some random patterns- animal print, tribal/folk print, lace, and a bright sheer pink neck scarf. Total intuitive pairing that seemed somehow vaguely 1957 on acid. I was comfortable, which was important as I spent a long day at the studio, setting up another impromptu photo spot and started taking pictures of some vintage to post later at, which you can bookmark by clicking here.

Perhaps all the mixed patterns reflected my wild thoughts lately. I've been feeling pulled in many ways and in need of a break on the blog- while I get the online shop set up. So please forgive me if I fall behind on my blog roll and don't comment as much for the next couple of weeks, but I am need to get in gear and put more focus on manifesting my fiscal destinies. I'll still be around, but hopefully not feeling so well, crazy.

Oh! The uber-lovely Kari Shipman of Juniper James and her co-hort Jennine swung by the studio yesterday with her first vlog in progress- and I am in part of it. I had NO idea they were coming, so I am soooo awkward and stiff, but it was still good fun. You can catch a glimpse of the action here.
Now Wearing: 
  • Vintage 1960's vintage animal print coat- This & That Thrift
  •  Hand-me-down vintage pink chiffon neck scarf -freebie
  • Second-hand Ralph Lauren hand-knit sweater- Goodwill
  • Thrifted ethnic print sundress- Thrift Town
  • Lace leggings- Target
  • Thrifted animal print slides- Thrift Outlet (Woodland)


    RETRO REVA said...

    Lovin the pink scarf with the black boho and animal prints with kick-ass leggings!!!!!
    I too am so friggin tired right now, i must take the day off or die ....
    I choose life!
    Loves ya and thanks for shopping my closet!

    My Heart Blogged said...

    I love this outfit. So much texture and great use of pattern mixing. I think everyone understands you are super busy lately. I wish you the best with the shop!
    My Heart Blogged

    Veshoevius said...

    Love this mix! It's the craziness and unexpected contrast which is what makes it so fab.

    Ofelia said...

    You make crazy look good!!
    Those leggings are fantastic and the dress has an Indian type of print that I really dig!!!
    Have a lovely and crazier Sunday!!!

    sacramento said...

    You take your time, and rest. I will always be here for you.
    You can never look crazy.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, I like it. I think there's nothing wrong with a little crazy, so long as you're willing to wear it proudly!

    stanimalandannimal said...

    You look crazy cool, that is!! You know how much I love my big cat prints, meow!! U look fierce, I hope you have a rad day and move lotsa merch!!

    the Citizen Rosebud said...

    You ladies all put a big big smile on my face. : )

    Polka Princess said...

    Love the mix of all the textures!! I have a very similar lace leggings from ASOS... :)

    You take care & prioritize your agenda right now......we'll all be there for you...always! Mwaahh!

    The Daily Fashionista said...

    You be crazy with that pattern mixing! But its awesome as always. I love the texture of the tights with the leopard print coat. Its all very gorgeous, as you are:)

    WendyB said...

    Leopard and red lips -- very nice.

    the Citizen Rosebud said...

    thank you wendy B!

    Kerry said...

    Q~ You always continue to impress me . You are so pretty Bella. You look fresh, happy and inspired. Keep this energy wrapped tight around you.

    Comtesse de ferveur said...

    The coat! The cardi! I want both in my life! Loving that touch of pink too. xxx

    THE-LOUDMOUTH said...

    "Total intuitive pairing that seemed somehow vaguely 1957 on acid."

    Hahaha. You rule.
    Twitter @theloudermouth
    Birthday Blog Event

    Arash Mazinani said...

    Yeaaaah I'm glad you posted a full photo so I could see the leopard print coat in full it's awesome! Loving the shoes as well!

    Dusk said...

    I LOVE it!!!

    "Perhaps all the mixed patterns reflected my wild thoughts lately..."

    Chaos theory... beauty gets created.

    Sweet said...

    rest well Bella....take your time my dear!!!! I love the leopard coat with your leopard sandals....wheheheh!!!!


    tinyjunco said...

    oh man, that's nice. love the triangular silhouette!

    i voted for you over at KCRA but google took mr. e's info so i show up as Anthony R. fingers crossed!

    p.s. i'm so happy you listed 'sacratomato' in your FTF post. that inner 8 year old refuses to die!! ;) steph

    Franca said...

    you are a pattern mixing genius, you know that? i am in awe of your skills!

    lady sélénite said...

    Love this generous mix of prints !

    fashionoverfifty said...

    Thanks for the heads up on your blogging--clothing is so much a reflection of whats going on inside--whether its emotional or intellectual. Good luck! Paula

    Judith said...

    Manifestation takes time! Go for it and you composition is beautifully creative.

    Anonymous said...

    Ooooh, I love the dress with the pink scarf. You know we'll be hangin' around waitin' for ya. Give your shop the loving care your pocketbook needs.

    Anika said...

    Sweetheart, best of luck with your new ventures! I am rooting for you, as I am sure we all are. We love you, and will still be here when you get things organized and have time for blogging again :) You look fab, I love your pattern-mixing, but then, you alreay know that :) <3

    Sara said...

    Its okay, hope you get things organized and enjoy your break, dear! :)
    This look is great, love the coat! :)

    Collette Osuna said...

    Im loving everything you have going on here.....lots of look fab darling:)

    Fashion is me said...

    Get The All About Shoes Fashion Blog Award for best fashionable blog

    Details on

    Roz said...

    I guess the magazines would describe it as "boho-hippy-luxe" or something.. However, I think that "great" could equally well desribe it. My favourite details are the leopard print accessories. I don't like it in big doses (ie - dresses) but have grown rather attached to my patterned gloves, along with a new leopard print turban.
    Hope that the blog break proves fruitful too, and that you will be back to your brilliant writing soon.

    The Closet Shopper said...

    I love this look. MEOW!prrrrrrr.

    I think you look incredible. I love the lace tights and the pattern on that dress is faboo.

    My white purse is from Aldo. Isn't it the bees knees?


    the Citizen Rosebud said...

    It is totally the bees-knees, Tracy. I've noticed you have GREAT taste in handbags!
    Roz I always love to see you here!

    Matchless Vision said...

    What pattern mixing genius. You may call it crazy but girl you work it! You've always got such great taste.

    Pull Your Socks Up! said...

    I LOVE waking up and dressing exactly how I'm feeling inside!!!! You are a vintage fashion girl after mine own heart:)) xoxoxo

    Mrs Bossa said...

    Fabulous outfit. I'm so over matchy matchy. It's so exciting about your vintage shop - best of luck, Bella!

    señora Allnut said...

    love your matchy outfit, so inspiring!, and how you wear all that leopard with such a pretty original style!!

    Kirstin Marie said...

    I love it. Your pattern mixing rocks my world, lady. You are so talented!! I seriously think that if I tried to do that, I would end up looking like a crazy troll who lives under a bridge or something.

    the Citizen Rosebud said...

    thank you Matchless,

    and Desiree! I am honored to be a girl after your own heart as I AM CRAZY ABOUT YOUR MAD MAD STYLE!

    Mrs Bossa: I too am a bit matchy matchy but lately something snapped, I'm starting to dress like a homeless person a bit scattered but I'm liking it!

    Senora Allnut: thank you! I love you wicked color combo skills, so mas beso back at ya, babe!

    Kirsten Marie- you are the sweetest sweetest amiga ever. Thank you.

    JTWisdom said...

    Hi Bella,

    Leopard print with lace leggings looks gorgeous on you. It's crazy but that's why it looks so chic. The way you make prints and patterns work so well together is simply amazing.



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