Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TRENDING: Sunshine Yellow!

Trending for Spring: Sunshine Yellow (photo source)
One of the "IT" colors for Spring of 2012 seems to be yellow. Not a mellow yellow, mind you, but acid bright-bright as day-yellow. Canary not contrary, this slice of sunshine may be easier to wear than you think.

Daydream on this daffodil hued dress from the Creatures of the Wind Spring Collection.
Ok, you might be asking a few questions, well no worries! I've got some answers.

Like, who is wearing it?
Rocking the Yellow: Sarah of Misfits Vintage
Well for starters, the gorgeous Sarah of Misfits Vintage. As a scarf. With her polka dots.
Seattle blogger T.S. get her vitamin D from her colored jeans. She even inspired fellow blogger Mik to do the same. Street Style photog/superstar Lee Oliveria captures the bright buzz of a gorgeous yellow jacket,  outside Jean-Pierre Braganza during London Fashion Week.  And the Fashionista Next Door rocks her yellow in a pair of sizzling pumps.

How do you wear it? 
Top it Off: Charming hand-made felt hat by Yellowfield? on Etsy
Sunny side up!

Where do you get it? 

How about online?  I'd be walking on sunshine IF I had this pair of solar powered sandals!
You can get 'em at Oasap.
How about this adorbs screaming yellow vintage pantsuit from Misfits Vintage on Etsy?
Or this '60s mod yellow space age frock found at Market Publique from White City Vintage?

No Yolk: Market Publique is stocked with this trending color.

In Summary:
Spring is heating up, and you've got this bright summery hue to look to, so say hello to yellow!


Please may I? said...

I would love to get away with a yellow dress but the colour totally washes me out. I think I will have to experiment with accessories in stead.

X x

Hang T. Tran said...

Yes!!!! I like yellow, I love the sun!
You inspired me to get something really yellow! not mustard, not corn or butter like :)


Stacey said...

Yellow is my favourite colour at the moment. It makes me so happy. My favourite accessories are my yellow tights & now my yellow beanie.

Unknown said...

OOoh thank you so much for the shout out, Bella! If any of your readers are in the mood to rock that fab 70s pantsuit they can contact me for a 50% discount - she needs to go to a good home, STAT! You know I just looooove yellow. Sarah xxx

mispapelicos said...

I love, love yello, kissed by pink.
I am glad you like Sarah as much a I do.

Unknown said...

I do best in a banana yellow. brights kind of scare me a little ;) Though I LOVE the shape of dress #1!
Now, what do i have that is yellow???
Aha! A shirt and jeans (both banana(ish) LOL!
Hugs and here's to you!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I came over to tell you how great your colorblocking outfit looks..but I found a blog that looks amazing..i love all of your changes!! I also, like yellow as well...but your color block outfit is so great!!

Susan B said...

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I really want a pair of yellow pumps now!!

Collette Osuna said...

I LOVE fav color actually:)

Great new header sweets!

Jamillah said...

Ohhhhh, yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear that flippin dress from creatures of the wind made me audibly gasp...loves it!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Yes, I'll have it sunny side up, please! Love Misfits Vintage's photo too. I want to get out of my grubby sweats (still cleaning, mopping, moving in ...) and get all dressed up! xxx

Anonymous said...

Yowza! I keep seeing bright yellow with a black & white patterned skirt. I want to try a combo like that. Love those solar-powered sandals.

theequinebovine said...

I have been like a bee to honey for yellow in the past month. I have been picking up the most amazing vintage yellow pieces, picking yellow flowers and now planting yellow flowers! xo

Jill said...

I'm liking yellow more and more and this post helps seal the deal. Thank you for joining the colorblocking fun on my blog. You looked gorgeous!
XO, Jill

Monsterchen said...

they call me yellow mellow;) i love yellow too!!! it doesn´t matter if it´s only a hint of yellow like in sarahs gorgous look or yellow from head to toe it is fabulous;)
love and kiss,mary

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I do plan on working this color into my wardrobe this summer!

The Style Crone said...

Fabulous display of yellow! I especially like the yellow hat and checked out the Etsy site. I have some of this yellow in my closet - time to check it out!

Sasha Maria said...

I know people who are crazy about yellow and I've been told that it suits my complexion...but I'm just not that into such boldness in hue. The small accents (scarves, heels, etc.) are cute though and less of a scary jump!

WendyB said...

Psyched to wear my old neon yellow shoes another year!

Unknown said...

I 'edited' someone else quote ;) it sounded kinda bad and that's not my intention .....
you know me ;)
I think you are the most inspiring, talented, tenacious woman i've had the joy to find out there!!!
Lurve ya

Rosalind said...

As lemon sherberts and lemon bonbons are my favorite sweets, I also have a soft spot for those shades in clothes. It's definitely a feel-good colour, as demonstrated perfectly by the dominant spring flowers here right now: daffodils, dandelions, celandines and primroses. I think my best recollection of well-loved yellow though was my yellow wellies from when I was around age 3. It's the first time I remember adoring the colour of something I wore.

Unknown said...

I love your new banner and tagline is spectacular! Yellow is one of the few colours that does not suit me at all, but I do love to see it on others. It is the colour of the sun!

Anupriya DG said...

Aaah! Looks like Yellow's going to be the new Black! :)

Curtise said...

I'm a lot braver about colours now and love a bit of bright yellow. It's Sarah Misfit's influence! Love all the pics. xx

Jean at said...

For me, a tough color. For you in Seattle? Perhaps essential!

Love, Jean

lasophia said...

I love yellow, Im all about it. I have a really nice coat my mom bought me at for christmas one year. Unfortunately I didnt get to wear it much this past winter cause it was so warm.

Lindsay Rickman said...

Yes, it is!! I love the last photo, yellow summer dress with black patent pumps and hot pink ankle socks. I wanna go shopping!

doradadama said...

I love yellow ,but I notice need more yellow outfits in my wardrobe.
Sarita rocks yellow like nobody.