Friday, March 8, 2013

Product Review: Prada 16PS

Described as "an elegant cross between the wayfarer and cat eye" the Prada 16PS is what you'd call "an instant classic." Just add sun, and stir. While I agreed to write a review for the Sunglasses Shop, I think the mere look of them, pretty much speaks for itself. They are stylish, sexy and they look good with almost everything. And anyone.

The Prada Parade: Confetti Colored Classics, Prada 16PS

Prada, and its sister line, Miu Miu are among the top labels when it comes to "designer" fashion. There is a reason for this. Savvy and sexy and smart are the way Prada clothes look on a woman. Prada's designs, season after season become cult classics, and seem instantly iconic- Miuccia Prada is not known for being one of the greatest WOMEN designers in fashion history, but as one of ITS GREATEST DESIGNERS, and arguably one of the most influential of the 20th (and 21st) century. Miu Miu, far from being a diffusion line, is a hot label that "redefines elegance for women that want something different from fashion." 

You just can't get any more "designer" than Prada. I mean, the name means  top shelf luxury and on-top-of-the-fashion-game innovation, style, and sharp design, so while I've always dreamed of wearing Prada, I never imagined that I would get to. So this kinda rocks.  A lot.

Now I may not be able to afford a Prada handbag, pair of shoes or dress and coat, but I have and occasionally can, splurge on a pair of lux sunglasses. One of my first sunglasses splurges was a pair of Miu Miu tortoise shell frames, it was over a decade ago, and that pair is still one of the most flattering shades on my face. They were classics then, and have withstood the test of time. Which is something I suspect my latest Prada acquisition will do- look good on my face, and make me feel savagely chic this decade, well into the next.

Getting the glasses was an experience- they came in a gorgeous case INSIDE a case, I mean two crazy beautiful cases to protect these mothers! Fancy-smancy official brochures, announcing the authenticity and such; I felt under dressed to read the things. The shades themselves also spoke of high quality. 

The frames are perfection- smooth and sturdy, a beautiful tortoiseshell highlighted with teal and cream; the lenses themselves are designed to protect your eyes, not to just sit on your face to look good. I have to say these frames feel like a million bucks on. Toss your confetti, I feel a Prada parade coming on- it's just me and my super sweet Prada shades marching from Designer Boulevard all the way down to Awesome Street.
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Disclosure: I received this pair of sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop for the purpose of this review. The opinions, and photos are my own. 


Becky said...

Wow!! Super nice sunnies!!
Becky :)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Very nice! I like the sexy cat eye effect. No, I cannot afford designer handbags either, but I think a pair of sunglasses should be good.

Tricia said...

Those look fantastic on you!

Patti said...

Fabulous shades! You look so cool. Thanks for the discount too.

Ofelia said...

You are so right about buying sunglasses and other types of accessories of the highly well known and expensive designers is a way to satisfied our needs for some high fashion without going broke.
The Pradas are look sexy and stylish on you!

Shybiker said...

Great style. You always pick good stuff. And thanks, buddy, for the sweet comment. I just put up the female version (and it's great!).

Lady of Style said...

Szunning sunglasses, Bella! You look very sophisticated.

Lady of Style

Ulla-Marie said...

I would say that you have the perfect hair for a short fringe/pile. It curls perfectly!

GeeGee said...

Excellent choice! How we wish in Hungary: 'Wear in good health!'

Unknown said...

Cute! They perfectly fit your style. I splurged on a pair of Prada sunglasses last summer and still adore them.

Melanie said...

Yeah!!! I love that you got free sunglasses! Good one. And great review. Great shades really make a difference. A friend gave me a pair of Chanel shades once - I didn't ask about authenticity... But I feel oo-la-ti-da when I wear them. I have to say, though, although these sunglasses are Jacki O big, they really show off your fantastic brows.

Bohemian Chick said...

I saw a pair of Prada shoes in Elle that I loved. They tend to have a lot of "out there" things that I really like. Good for you with the sunnies!

Luna Tiger said...

Those sunglasses are fantastic !

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Waaaaaah, you look AMAZING in these! Like Rizzo. Gorgeous!!