Monday, November 18, 2013

Outfit Post: Clowning Around

It all started with the shoes. 

A strange pair of hand-tooled leather brogues in a very 1970s fashion. I liked the mushroom detail on the toes, and they looked my size so I got them. When I shared them on my Facebook page, I loved the comment made about them by an old buddy, Grant. He called them clown shoes. And I kinda saw it. 

A new pair of checkered shoelaces later, I came up with an outfit to uh, highlight the shoes, and my inner clown. Which probably looks like this: 

Gifted vintage boyfriend mohair sweater. Gifted striped bateau top (thank Jean!!), old pants and belt from the depth of my wardrobe, gifted vintage flower brooches (thanks Crystal!!), thrifted J. Crew bauble bracelet, and my freshly thrifted vintage 1970s suspenders and leather brogues. And....who's laughing now? 

Hopefully you. 
And probably me: all the way to the bank! Total cost to clown around: under $20. Fun!

Now Wearing:
  • vintage mohair boyfriend sweater, gifted
  • striped top, gifted
  • vintage brooches, gifted
  • vintage suspenders
  • J. Crew bauble bracelet
  • Lucky Jeans belt (old)
  • Target pants (old)
  • vintage 1970s hand tool brogues, size 7, listed here
Special Guest Star: a vintage paper mache clown, $6 plus shipping- message me if interested!

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Tamera's Craft Palace said...

That clown will be giving me nightmares::::shudder:::

However--YOU look fantastic--those shoes are amazing--weird, but AMAZING!!!

Suzanne said...

That is one scary clown. The shoes are cool though : )


Anonymous said...

A clown, a guitar, a cat-head - and then the mushrooms on the shoes! I feel like I'm having a trippy flashback, except you look so fabulous this must be real!

Melanie said...

I love your clown head! The suspenders (nice fat '70s ones) and shoes and bling with that striped shirt - excellent. I suspect your clown is too happy weird for Ms. Colins.

Anonymous said...

Love how you embraced the clown theme! The shoes are crazy fun and pairing them with suspenders and a striped top is pure genius!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Top-to-toe fabulous!! I love every detail. I remember seeing hand painted shoes like those in the 70s and always wanted a pair so desperately! xoxo

Patti said...

Scared of clowns! But love those shoes, and you. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

doradadama said...

love your clown shoes and sexy nalgas.


Vix said...

I love those shoes but I hate clowns, you're freaking me out with your trickery! xxx

thorne garnet said...


I wonder if the shoes are from Apple Cobbler? He was a shoe maker from Berkeley in the 1970's

Beryl said...

Don't like clowns, so was a little worried about your outfit. Scrolled down slowly - and it's great! My favorite T-shirt is one almost exactly like yours. What a great present!

Unknown said...

Bella you can pull off this look so well! I was attracted to all the colors in the shoes, and I love how they are the statement piece. The bateau striped shirt is sooo French and I would NEVER think--what looks like a man's mohair sweater--would look so good. Great styling, GF! xoxo

mispapelicos said...

Like Vix I adore your shoes and your quirkyness, but I cannot stand the clown, sorry.
Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dawn Elliott said...

Those shoes are off the chart for their coolness factor...but I'm with some of the others...clowns freak me out!

Unknown said...

those shoes are fabulous

Unknown said...

You're way too pretty to do scary clown, but that last photo is pretty intimidating!
You just look adorbs in your super hipster shoes ... not so much clownish on you as ultra cool. You do that to clothing, you know?

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I'm all over those shoes Bella! Honestly, I barely looked at scary clown, so it's all good! Back to the shoes, they're kind of Fluevog old school, back when he first started his biz.

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

ah, like a sexy female Gallager

No Fear of Fashion said...

I have not figured out what I think about it. The clowns head is definitely scary. The shoes are cute.

Lynn Hasty said...

Gasp!!!! I LOVE those shoes!! Oh my! And you look maaaaavelous!!! I love it from head to toe!