Monday, November 11, 2013

Street Feet: Meow Mix

Street Style SACRAMENTO, 2010-2012. Photo Credits: Bella Q

REMINDER: Shoe Shine, our Rosebud community group event is scheduled for this coming Wednesday! Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, the Citizen hosts SHOE SHINE: SHARE THE SHOES THAT MAKE YOU A STAR, and Wednesday, November 13th, the spotlight is on you and your shoes! Be sure to bring your stellar self to the party and post you in your favorite kicks of the season. See you then! 

The Catwalk: Animal prints as kicks make you Queen/King of the jungle. It's a bit silly to call it a "trend," when it's been going strong since, well, forever. But animal prints, namely leopard and cheetah show your call of the wild, any time, any year. The pictures above were gleaned from the Sacramento street style blog, Street Style SACRAMENTO, from my days as an aspiring style hunter, when I, along with a friend, started the ambitious street style website, in the determination to capture the diverse and colorful character of our fellow Sacramento denizens. As you can see, the "trending" spots of the jungle were hot back in 2010, 2011, 2012, and I venture to say, are still be "spotted" on the streets even today. 

Street Feet: SACRAMENTO. My feet, 2010, still kicking it animal style.
I never thought of myself as a fan of the leopard print, but I seem to wear it quite a bit. For me, it's a fun and classic pattern, something that is easy to play with, and adds a toasty bit of glam, rock-n-roll, and retro style to whatever you're mixing it up with. In short: adding meow to your mix = insta-awesome. 

Fall, with it's crisp light, and colorful leaves, makes the perfect foil for an animal enhanced wardrobe. 

Here's the primer:
  • SPRING: polka dots
  • SUMMER: florals
  • FALL: animal prints
  • WINTER: plaid
Please note that you can wear all these prints year 'round. But, in my opinion, one feels particularly more apt in a particular season. Also note that you should/could wear whatever-the-fuck-you-want whenever you want. I'm not telling you what or when you can wear things, just sharing an personal observation on some of my favorite classic prints. You can polka dot it all year, if you ask me.

Right now, I'm going a little bit crazy on the kitteh-kittehs. And looking over my old street style photography portfolio, I see that this is nothing new to me. As Shakes-the-Spear once said: there's nothing new under the sun.

So meow-meow, my friends, and have fun!


Susan B said...

Furrr-ocious! Looking forward to Shoe Shine!

Tilda E. said...

"spotted" on the streets

Ha ha!

I do love leopard print with plaid. I've noticed that you rock the animal prints a lot and you always look great!

Patti said...

Meee-ow, love those shoes!

Unknown said...

I like your moto .. wear what ever the #@$% you want .. lol.

Loving all your leopard examples.


Tamera's Craft Palace said...

ME_OW!!! You look fantastic!!

Unknown said...

No one... not a single other woman in the world ... can do animal prints like you do. I swear it's because you have just a tiny bit of jungle cat in your DNA somewhere.
Looking chic, Sweetie!

Anonymous said...

You are the Lady of Leopard!

Jennifer said...

Grrrrrreat looking. I love leopard. It's a neutral for me.

mispapelicos said...

Always magic, my dearest Bella.

Debbie Stinedurf said...

The jacket is it!

The Style Crone said...

I have never known a time in my adult life that animal print hasn't been worn! Seems it's here to stay, and you always make it a shine. See you at 'shoe shine.'

Vix said...

Animal print, tartan, polka dots and stripes - they're part of most people's wardrobe, those fashion editors are clearly idiots! xxx

Katy Rose said...

LOL I'm with you. I never thought I was such a big fan of animal print until a friend came over, raided my closet and started putting together outfits only using the animal print things I have. It was a little overwhelming, but I love each piece. - Katy

No Fear of Fashion said...

I am like you.. never was that much interested in leopard and all of a sudden I seem to buy nothing but.
Great look.