Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mind the Music: African Royals

"We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair"

Now when a pop-tune pops, it can break out all over the planet. I've been loving the myriad of covers done to Kiwi-darling Lorde's smash hit, Royals (see the US version here).


which is pretty smokin', yeah? Well, I guess her sultry voice and the catchy tune has captured the hearts of many.

Including this charming, sad clown named Puddles:

A quick search on YouTube produces a variety of musical versions.

But none are so fantastically suited to my day than Alex Boye's African version.

I love the strong visuals of the video as well- reminding me of one of my most enjoyable "fashion"/photography books called Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa which depicts some incredible displays of expression using items cleverly culled from the environment. Which is kinda, exactly what the Citizen Rosebud's Fresh Picks are all about. 

This is the second installment of our new culture feature, mid-week: Mind the Music. Each Wednesday, we'll be posting some great tunes to get your toes tapping, and you, through to the end of your work week. Happy listening!


Patti said...

Sooo cool to wake up with. Alex Boye is amazing.

Suzanne said...

I laughed at the sad clown version! Too serious.

But I agree that the African version is fun and really works.

I have a post up today about refusing to be defined by age and I'd love it if you were to add your voice to the discussion. You're always able to translate your thoughts so well to the written word.


Jean at said...

You are my new link to a different view of pop culture...bless you!! I'm pretty removed in general, for better or worse. No TV, NPR radio, a little on-line news, and whatever music just happens to cross my path. Now I have a window. Hurray!! I like your vision. XXOO

Jean at said...

I meant I don't watch TV but i listen to a little NPR etc.

Beryl said...

This post is like that old quote (no idea whose) "a feast for the senses".