Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fresh Picks: Fashion Salad, J'taime

The cool serene shades of greens are really appeal to me right now, and I can't seem to get enough of them. Maybe it's the Seattle influence, as this color palette really reflects the spirit of my city in the Spring. However, as I put this outfit together, I can't help but notice it has an international flavor, and looks a bit French to me, but maybe that's because I know the blazer is a vintage gem from Paris, its moniker Le Lilas, named after a district in France, made famous by a certain swinger, you might have come to know as Serge.

As in Serge Gainsbourg, and Jane Birkin.   Cool as fuck, mai no? 

The hat is a vintage late 1950s gem, soon to be listed. The top is by an up+coming French label called Antik Batik- it's a quiet little romance of a top, done in perfect summer plaid; a perfect pairing with the vintage French Glen Plaid blazer, with matching hues of rusts, citrus, and spring greens. The style is called a Justine Tee, and it originally retailed for $125. We recently sold it to a stylish soul for an affordable $30. Now, that's a lot of oohlaalaaa for not a lot of beau coup bucks!

The jacket and top are French, however, the pants and the clutch are truly global. Genuine Scottish Harris Tweed in vivid green plaid and orange wool make up this stylish clutch (it even has vintage mid-century fabric lining the interior- tres chic!) while another world tradition- a loomed cotton textile in stripes make up the laid back pull on capris, handmade in Mexico. Since I'm an American tossed salad of Scot-Irish and Mexican, I guess I'm really feeling represented by this ensemble. I see it as a (fashion) plate of summer greens, served up with a side of French dressing. What do you think? 

Now Serving:
  • vintage hat, (listing soon)
  • Le Lilas vintage plaid blazer (buy here)
  • Antik Batik, contemporary cotton top (SOLD)
  • Lobos del Mar, cotton stripe capris (buy here)
  • Harris Tweed green/orange wool clutch (buy here)


Natalia Lialina said...

I was thinking as I looked at this ensemble that it has such a uniquely Bella's vibe! I really love it, great job (and so beautifully written post too!).

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Natalia's right! This look is thoughtfully put together and very uniquely Bella! The jacket, oh my! I love the colours in this jacket! And the hat! The shape, the fabrication, I love it too!!

Summer salad with French Dressing? Absolutely. One of the ones served at a chichi restaurant with edible flowers on top!

Patti said...

Yes, I get a very Francais vibration from this look - great pickings! xox

Vix said...

I've had quite a few Antik Batik things over the years, they've been dead cool in Europe for donkeys! x

Suzanne said...

Oh my that jacket was a score!


Jazzy Jack said...

I'm always attracted to lime green or grass green in Spring! Can't help myself. I also love the flowers inside the idea!

Shawna McComber said...

This is a great looking combination. I see the batik top went fast. I would be all over that if it were in my size. I love your idea of spring greens with french dressing!

Sasha Maria said...

Green hues + Print mixing + Serge? I can definitely get behind this!

Unknown said...

Beautiful vintage items! You have an eye for finding treasures. I mentioned your blog today in my post . I appreciate your blog and your thrifting style! Debbie @