Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mind the Music: Not Mocked

I’m Dennis and welcome to the soundtrack of Citizen Rosebud! Bella and I have been friends since college back when there was a ‘teen’ in our ages. I’ve been a crazy music collector and (fairly sane) writer for a while and love to share songs with people. When Bella asked me to guest DJ for her Mind the Music series, I said, yes, of course! She’s great at the visual and I’m pretty decent with the sonics so this looks like a dream collab!

I hope you enjoy the songs! 

Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Mariee Souix - “Not Mocked” from Bonnie & Mariee

Redemption and salvation are powerful totems, threading regrets and longings to an inerasable past. This is a song for forgiveness. A bow to a merciful god, - one that can absolve and cleanse – a confessional for the sins of the flesh our narrators, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Mariee Sioux indulged in. “Taken the maid to the laundry room / To have a little master fun,” he sings over the country gospel piano chords and lap steel, in a voice resonating with remorse as he lays next to his wife in bed waiting for ‘the Jesus man.’ 

The chorus is especially gorgeous with Billy’s earthbound voice - heavy with a knowing penitence - laying the foundation on which Mariee’s angelic, shiver-inducing harmonies soar over. ”Be thou not deceived / God is not mocked / Whatsoever a man sows / That he will reap” they sing, their voices twisting around each other like the serpent in Eden wrapped around a tree branch.   

Every fall from grace should be so lovely.

Dennis Yudt is a Sacramento based writer and music aficionado currently working on his vinyl record collection.

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Crystal Hammon, ABC, MLS said...

Lucky you, that you've known Bella that long! Loved the soundtrack. One question: is that Bella with the guitar in the photo!