Monday, October 27, 2014

outfit post: CAT + MOUSE

CAT + MOUSE. Woke up in a playful mood, the kind of mood that makes you want to wear your Disney mouse ears around the house, aka this vintage Disney kid's hat. Right now, it sort of sits on top the noggin' by a couple of strands of string, and pretty much falls off whenever I slump. It needs some fixing, and perhaps an re-make; the last time it was seen in an outfit post was here: ) It was propped up on my head all morning,

until it was time to leave the house. Then, I quickly changed the mouse ears out for a vintage black wool pillbox, a purr-fect companion to this gorgeous vintage wool coat with a soft white mink collar. 

#SECONDHANDFIRST: 90% thrifted. 100% purr-sonal style.

Which went purr-fectly with my brassy panther brooch (available here) and my new cotton cat tote, a large canvas bag from Redbubble, with an original artist designed image of a aristocratic cat, royally rocking a red coat. Doncha just lurve it? 

Cat's out of the Bag: unique artist designs available at Redbubble
I certainly do- and I love that it's just one more element to express my personal style. I've been in the mood for a pile on of red and black,  and some funky dressing with loads of vintage elements. This little outfit fit the bill, which, to be honest, wouldn't get any high fashion marks on Vogue, but it was one I felt very comfortable wearing. Which is kind of what dressing up is all about for me, being true to my personal style, feeling playful, and having some sartorial fun, whether it be inspired by cat or mouse.
Now Wearing:
  • vintage Disney mouse ears, gifted
  • vintage 1960s black pillbox ($15, available here)
  • cute cotton cat tote c/o Redbubble (order yours here:
  • Audrey dress,  Karina Dresses
  • vintage black coat with fur collar ($128, available upon request)
  • JanSport red plaid backpack (purchased at amazon)
  • red wool plaid wellies, thrifted

RED BUBBLE TOTES are available here:

DISCLOSURE: Some of the hyper-links above contain affiliate links, and any sales resulting from a click may result in a commission for the Citizen Rosebud. The tote bag was courtesy of Red Bubble in exchange for a blog mention and courtesy link. The good opinion however, is 100% our own.


Becky said...

Your wool coat is gorgeous!! I'm jealous of your wool-wearing ability. It's such an amazing textile/texture/fabric or whatever, but it tends to irritate my skin. I know I always feel best in outfits that are totally ME. This doesn't always translate into great OOTD day pics for me, tho... Probably cause I'm a shit photographer! Your pics always look great :)

The Style Crone said...

I love your playful personal style, Bella. A touch of glamour is always a great choice. XO