Friday, October 24, 2014


WE ARE FAMILY. Every Friday, we like to put at least one item on the auction block and give 100% of the proceeds to a worthy cause. It's our way of being part of what's good in the world.

GOLDEN GIRLS: these gold and glittery party girl shoes are up for sale- they are a tiny size 6.5, ladies, but 100% of the sale will go to PFLAG.

You can learn more about PFLAG here: and you can place your bid on these golden girls right here:

TASTE THE RAINBOW: some of the proceeds of this vintage child's clown costume goes to Rainbow Serenity

It's our dream to one day create our own non-profit center showcasing all the greats ways you can shop #SECONDHANDFIRST. 
Do you have a favorite charity, you'd like us to consider donating to? Tell us in the comments!


Patti said...

We are family - all connected and all related. I love what you're doing! xox

Becky said...

Great shoes and love the give back mentality!

littlelala said...

What a wonderful way to give back, Bella. Will be sure to keep an eye out for your Fridays! If only those shoes were a liiiiitle bigger!

thorne garnet said...

6.5!!!! Poop!

Jazzy Jack said...

Lovely shoes, and lovely idea. Sorry, we are a liiiitle bigger over here! Xo JJ