Thursday, October 23, 2014

RED LABEL: Blue October

CITIZEN ROSEBUD/red label. This month we've put together some of our favorite vintage for an exclusive Fall collection, now for sale in our Etsy shop. We'll be listing a curated selection of our very best and season ready vintage garments, just for women. 

We're calling it the CRV/red label, and it's our creme de la creme for women who collect, 

appreciate and wear beautiful and timeless vintage clothing. 

This month, we're calling it "BLUE OCTOBER", and we posted sneak peeks on our Facebook page- you can see it here: And since the month is nearly over, why not seize the day and check it out now? We've put a little sale on, so you can get 15% off store-wide until October 31st. 

CITIZEN/eBay. Don't worry- we're still got loads of stuff ready to go on eBay, where we'll put loads of vintage and pre-loved clothing for men and women, as well as a growing collection of housewares. 
You can always shop our Ebay listings at
Look for our weekly Friday listing where 100% of the proceeds goes to a charity. 

Citizens of Rosebud are committed to living a richly sustainable life, and we do so by supporting other small businesses and local and ethically produced manufacturers. Thanks for being part of the Rosebud community! 

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Patti said...

Beautiful stuff, you have a great eye. I love the crown brooch. xo