Saturday, March 5, 2022

OUTFIT POST: Basics But Better


Not So Basic, Basics

So in my recent goal to create and sustain a "forever style" wardrobe, I've been on the look-out for versatile, timeless pieces made from quality fabrics that are designed to look good years from now, not just while they are "NEW." 

Quality pieces are often a bit more expensive than "fast fashion," so it takes some careful shopping, and that means I keep my eye out for bargains and sales on garments made from silk, wool and linen. SHOPPER'S TIP: choosing a secondhand option often allows you to source a great garment at a good price.

Confession: for the past couple of years, I've been having trouble finding good garments in natural fabrics IN MY SIZE since, ahem, I've gained a bit, and now weigh-in close to 180 lbs. Ugh. The racks in the plus size section at most thrifts are packed with polyester and synthetic fabrics and none of it looks good, while most of it feels cheap. Also they are often times either too frilly for my taste, or are prints I am not fond of. I literally have not found any scores in my size and taste in a thrift store (other than tees, and the occasional jacket) for years now. So, I have taken to shopping online for cough-cough, BRAND NEW stuff. 

Which is "FUN," but-
it really is much more expensive than what I'm used to, as a committed shopper of vintage and secondhand good- I'm used to good stuff for less money. I have been cheered however, by seeing quite a bit of companies who are more dedicated to quality and sustainably produced items than I have in the past. 

Some "common" brands I've enjoyed lately are Madewell and Uniqlo, two brands that I also look for when thrifting! I find the quality pretty good, AND the styles are not particularly "trendy," so when I do buy a garment, I feel I can get years of wear from them. 

The leopard crossbody bag is something I bought last year on clearance from Madewell and I'm very happy with it! I got an additional colorful strap for a little more style zest, but I see they now offer a leopard print one- and that's one I wish I had as well. 

The skirt is from a collection I adore! A 100% linen skirt that can do double duty as a strapless dress and I bought two on sale. This one is in navy blue and its from a Uniqlo collab with one of my favorite designers, JW Anderson. Purchase price was under $15 so a steal, really. 

The blouse is something I bought to look more "professional" when I got a gig playing retail salesperson at a local boutique. It's a nice silk short sleeve blouse by Lilysilk, and while I find it a bit boring, I do think it can be more versatile than I'm giving it credit for. 

What do you think? Are these basics you'd consider?


  • Red wool bowler hat, available HERE
  • Animal print crossbody bag with added colorful strap: Madewell
  •  Lilysilk mulberry silk camp-shirt in black, purchased on Amazon
  • Navy blue linen skirt, on clearance at Uniqlo
  • Leopard ponyhair leather slides from Hush Puppies

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Shybiker said...

You're looking good! I concur on choosing natural fabrics and buying quality if you can.

No Fear of Fashion said...

I think this is a very versatile outfit. And I agree that Uniqlo does quality stuff for low prices. I checked their sustainability and they are trying. It is a big company so it will take a couple of years before they have turned around every aspect of their production process. Problem is that they don’t give insight in their books. Which I can understand as well (competition).
Anyway, back to the outfit. You know how to accessorize this outfit to make it look different every time. You need no advice in that. So smart investments. Love the bag with it. The hat is a quirky addition.