Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy Heart

Meet the B.F.F. 

Her name is Kelly Moore and she's been styling since 1988. Well, that's when I met her. We struck up a friendship because we liked each other's boots. Pretty much all I wore back then, cowboy boots or Doc Marten's. Good times. My ankles never saw the light of day for over a decade. 

Although we have very different styles, we do share an ardent love for "costuming," which goes beyond fashion. And over the years, we've watched each other's style evolve and change. She's been a most careful witness to many of my fashion don'ts! 

No stranger to style herself, Kelly is too busy to start her own "What-I-wore" blog, which is a shame because in real life she looks a bit like a movie starlet

No stranger to style herself, Kelly is too busy to start her own "What-I-wore" blog, which is a shame because in real life she looks a bit like a movie starlet and LOVES to dress up. But Ms. Moore is too busy being an High School teacher (She teaches honors English and Creative Writing,) and raising her two beautiful teen-aged girls. And, I suspect, in spite of her re-known vanity, is afraid of the camera. 

So it falls upon yours truly to squeeze a few photos of her and some of her starlet style. These were taken last night outside the Shady Lady and the Back Door.

What are you wearing?
     "I am wearing a peacock blue cami from Express and a sweater by "Monique" from the cute section upstairs in Macy's. My jeans are by Seven, and my boots are from Nordstom's. They are Fryes, but I don't remember the style's name. I like my boots best...because I love boots! (And these boots make every outfit cute."

What are you biggest style influences?
     "My southern roots influence my style the most. lately, I've been listening to old country: Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Charlie Price. you just wanna throw on a good pair of boots after you listen to that music."

Oh yeah, we both share a love for Frye boots. So I moseyed on over to the Frye website ( and looked up her style of boot. I believe the name of them is the Jane Stitch. The Jane 14 L Stitch to be exact, and you can order them here. I also did a little window shopping at the Frye store, and picked out some other selections that would work great with her  Crazy Heart  country-themed ensemble.  A side of Fryes, hold the bacon:

1) Catrin Trapunto in brown. 2) Hutch Pull-On in blue.  3) Erin Workboot in natural.


TM said...

no, I haven´t designed this. sorry, if it was not clear. Found it on an shop for wedding dresses, don´t know who exactly is the designer, but i like it so much!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

she seems so cool to hang out with! its so nice to have a wonderful best friend.

Frannie said...

I love peacock blue! I love her outfit too :)

Meggstatus said...

I was thinking about doing something similar to this post and profile all of my friends on my blog (and I still might I just don't have enough time for it quite yet). It's so fascinating how everyone has their own personal style and it varies so much even between best friends!

Ps Speak Easy weekend sound fantastic!!!!!

The Photodiarist said...

Adorable post. I did one a few days ago on my BFF . . .

Meggstatus said...

They are from my work only $59.00 if you want some I can send them to you!

Marta said...

i love the piece about influences. cute post, by the way!
i remember that you mentioned the google translator. for me it's a great deal, that most of blogs are in english - good opportunity to improve my language skills. polish is said to be one of the most diffucult to pronounce languages. besides, i have just come back from cracow and i'm still sooo tired. partying is exhausting tough. have a nice day! :)