Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Shady Lady. The Back Door. The Peach in Sequins.

The Shady Lady. The Back Door. I had such a good time visiting these two  speak-easy styled joints, that I went back to both the next night. Both harken back to the prohibition: one in a very elegant grand style, the other in a dog-eared, been-there-a-thousand-years sort of way. Both serve up a mean drink, and TONS of atmosphere. I dolled up old-timey both nights, and fit right in with the decor at The Shady Lady. Of course I didn't take any decent photos of my outfits, and I promise you, will re-enact the outfits for your future enjoyment. That being said, this little Citizen had a blast all weekend with some very dear friends. 

And maybe made a couple of new ones. The Shady Lady is a great spot to sip and people watch. The crowd just looks handsomer than most Sac-town watering holes. The food menu is sharp and the drinks menu, all made from scratch and with top shelf liquor is top notch. My favorite sip so far is called the Horse's Neck and it's concocted of home-made ginger syrup, a lemon twist and some delicious brand of whiskey which I slowly enjoyed and whose name I quickly forgot. 

Another great people watching place is the historical Back Door in Old Town Sacramento. This place has been there forever, set like a dusty gem in a cobble-stoned back alley, the saloon styled bar is smothered with moody red boudoir-esque wallpaper and the persistent renditions of lounge singer, Lee Diamond. He sings to a pre-recorded music track, resembling cracked-out, glammed-up kereaoke, always too loud, and yet somehow manages to muster charm in his croonings. The drink that suits this environ best for me, is the Amaretto Sour, and I sipped plenty both nights. 

One doesn't have to be a 14-year old model off duty to illustrate freaky-steely in our post-modern world.

Just as my gal-pal, Kelly and I were heading out for the night, I was bedazzled by a set of silver-haired foxes and their dates. Three wonderful looking Golden Girls with silver hair teased and done up, wearing perfectly executed make-up, were outfitted to impress. They looked like they were built for fun, and it made my night to watch them. The ladies were dolled up expertly for a night club, with  tons shiny gold and sparkles, and I fell head-over heels over the doll who was wearing a sequin enhanced peach colored one-piece pant-suit. Now you know Ms Bella loves here onesies, and here I'm seeing one being perfectly rocked by a Lady of Sterling.

The whole group was dressed smartly, coming from a generation that DRESSES UP TO GO OUT. And I wish my little age demographic would follow their lead. I went over to their table to ask to take their picture, and the ladies were delightfully willing to pose for my camera. My photos came out terribly, and do not do justice to their spirit or their style, but I'm going to post two anyway, just so you get the gist that style knows no age limits. One doesn't have to be a 14-year model off duty to illustrate freaky-steely in our post-modern world. 

Of course, I was so nervous asking them to pose for me, I forgot to ask their names! I can only hope to run into them again some future Back Door adventure.    

So here are the ladies. These photos simply do not do them justice. Of course I didn't get a good pic of their entire outfits, which is a pity. They looked so good! The Peach was my fave, she just sparkled and not just because of her sequin trim on her peach onesie. She had a the certain something that just lit up the room. You can't see it, but she posed so perfectly here too, totally at ease in front of the camera. 


The other ladies were pretty rocking too. The shy one, the one in the great geometric print didn't really want to pose, and was trying to sit it out, but she was game once I begged her. She wore simple elegant black slacks and pumps, pure class. And I LOVED the lady in all black. I think it was the sight of her belt that made me want to shoot them. It may have been a one-piece or a simple ensemble of a black top with pants, but here killer black belt with a shiny gold buckle slayed me. She knew how to dress for evening!

(Thank you ladies, for letting me take your picture. I wished more dames dressed it up like you!)


Equine Bovine said...

OMG! Look at her. The fox in peach! That is you , that is you. Look at her sparkle, her pose, hey eyes..You be the lady in peach and I will be the broad in black! :)

Sara said...

awesome post! I love meeting new people, the ladies rock, I love the color of that jumpsuit(?) she has on.

kiwaczek2 said...

wow you look so ladylike;)
and those 3 gals are cool

Emily said...

Speakeasy style! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend - I'm trying to source some Speakeasy style clubs round about here for my own dress up for evening fun times!