Monday, March 1, 2010

the Sweater Set

It is much easier to sew the buttons than to write about them. 

Here's a tiny sampling of what I've been doing over the winter. Sweaters, basic and vintage are embellished with button beading, using recycled vintage buttons. The above photos depict my first button project, a wonderfully soft vintage 2-ply navy blue cashmere cardigan. Thick and incredibly cuddly with not a pill-ball on it, inspite of its 2 decades of good living. That's why vintage cashmere is soooo special. Satin trim has been added to the sleeves bottom of the cardigan, a bright cardinal red which really sets off the red & green button beading, and the rich navy of the sweater. 


The ivory sweater is also a vintage cashmere cardigan, made in the 1980's. It, too is a thick 2-ply knit and super cuddly. White buttons were added, as well as a subtle trim on the sleeves of a tan & white abstract print in vintage fabric. This sweater looks so much better in person.

These make for perfect layering to transition from winter into spring.
The Citizen Rosebud also did a limited edition collection of vintage wool & acryllic cardigans and pull-overs with button beading. These make for perfect layering to transition from winter into spring. Here's an example of one of the like-new vintage lambswool pull-over in teal & yours truly is modeling the embellished contemporary black wool knit sweater with the Citizen's signature button beading.

You'll find these sweaters hanging humbly on a rack at the Fringe, Sacramento's chicest lifestyle shop, near the corner of X & 21st Street.  If you say to the clerk upon checkout: "CitizenQ" you'll recieve a 10% discount on all Citizen Rosebud purchases. Cheers! - Bella Q


TM said...

Hey, cool, I did something simmilar. I sewed a whole sweater full of buttons in the front. :) Looks cool :)

Emily said...

That teal colour is gorgeous.

Buttons make a cool decorative choice - how did they become your signature?

Frannie said...

I wish i lived in Sacramento!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Good Morning! Aury I wished you lived in Sacramento too, it's a pretty cool town (well the midtown/downtown area at least)

I'm a big button freak, been collecting them since I was a kid and had a HUUUUGE button collection, until last year. Then I went on a "button embellishing" frenzy, decorating coats, blouse, dresses, sweaters with vintage buttons. I think it looks very fresh & post-modern, not as girly as beading, and heavy on artsy-crafty aestethic, which I like. So I started making it a signature look to the Citizen Rosebud clothing collections.

And still collecting buttons.....
-Bella Q

Marta said...

cool idea! i feel inspired, as i made a big hole in my fauvorite pullover (i should give up smoking...)and i feel distracted about that. why i didn't think about it before?!

Iva Messy said...

super cute!

Brandy Shaloo said...

I like the idea with the buttons, looks really cool

Emz said...

So cute! I've been looking for new cardigans, but unfortunately I live nowhere near any of those shops =(

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Nice post;))

xoxo M.

Unknown said...

these are awesome !!!!!!!
i did one last winter.
need to re-post it :)