Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby, The Stars...

Pictures can NOT depict the wonder that is Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Perhaps the name rings a bell with you... Everything but the Girl? The Kamikaze Girls? In short, this is a premium Japanese designer line of Lolita wear, while the Citizen isn't quite the Goth-Lolita grrl, she can appreciate a Victorian twist on a dress or two.

I've an acquaintance who is an avid Sacto-Lolita and she looooves this label. Her pride and joys are her two BTSSB dresses, and after I stepped into their charming store last weekend, I can well understand why.

QUALITY. You may not go for the saccharine frills and sorbet pastels, but when you see the clothes up close, you would be awed. The fabric is of high quality, the construction is well done and the designs are charming beyond measure. While I wouldn't wear an entire outfit, at once, I would and could definitely incorporate elements of Baby into my wardrobe.

Like the black/rose floral petticoat skirt on the clearance rack. Or the sub-label Alice and the Pirates black tiered skirt with buckles and special detailing. Or the Egyptian cotton soft black cotton pantaloons with a beautifully made lace ruffling the hem. And I could most definitely wear the ivory wool (super soft like merino wool) Victorian-styled coat with mini-capelet collar. It is designer quality so the $500 dollar price-tag shouldn't have shocked me. But it did. And the fact that I'd have to shell out $186 da blooms for the bloomers made my heart palpitate a bit, I'll be honest.

But if you're a devoted Lolita, you won't find better styles or cuts or quality. So it would be an investment, and one well delivered. The charming shop girls were sweet and attentive. While they wouldn't let me take photos in the store, they kindly posed for me outside the store, in the New People building just across Japan town.

The preciousness of these outfits really don't translate well in an image. You must touch and see up close to appreciate  weight of the fabric, the unique limited edition prints, the beautiful construction of the clothing. And cute, and super cute were the accessories, purses, shoes, boots and those fluffy animals so beloved by a proper Lolita.

There are only two Baby the Stars Shine Bright boutiques outside of Japan, Paris AND San Francisco.

I am feeling extremely lucky to have stumbled onto last Saturday during my Japan town frolics. 7 pm, and looking for a grand opening of a Jap-pop toy store, a lovely lass dressed in Goth-Lol style directed us to the New People building. We just so happened upon a huuuge party going on in the 4 story building. They gave us gifts, a raffle ticket, a movie ticket (there's a cinema in the basement that shows Japanese pop culture flicks) and plied us with beer, noodles and cupcakes. FOR FREE. There was live music and all the shops were open, and all were so much fun to window shop.

If you'd like more information about the happenings at New People, click here. And let me know if you kick down for those bloomers.


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Adorable...admire this 'Lolita' style!

TM said...

I allways love lolita style!!!!

TM said...

I allways love lolita style!!!!