Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiration: Edgy Edie

Edie Sedgwick would have turned 67 today. 
That is, IF she hadn't died by age 28. 

Born April 20, 1943, Edie is still a style icon, known mostly for her brief turn as as a MUSE in Warhol's factory. Officially an "It Girl" and declared a bona fide "youthquaker" by Vogue magazine in 1965, Edie's short life captured the times of the tumultuous '60's. It is not her tragic end we choose to remember but the beginnings of her 15 minutes, her bout with fame in her bright blond youth. Her unique style (the silvered hair, the unitards, the chandelier ear-rings) that make Edie's edginess still seem fresh and relevant today.

Editor's Note: Thanks to Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee, I now know who the edgy angel is in the boater hat, big glasses and sheer polka dot top from previous post! Her name is Pandora and she's a french babe with a blog. YOU WILL WANT TO CHECK HER BLOG OUT-- SHE HAS MAD STYLE! Miss Pandora