Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black & Tan

I needed an easy outfit for a day of errands. Black cotton GAP dress from a couple of summer ago, got a new life with a raised hem. There's subtle layering, with a vintage lace cami, and a black & white print full skirt, and the outfit gets a boost of warmth with caramel colored leather shoes and accessories. I've been waiting to wear these shoes for months now, they were quite the score: vintage tan leather monk shoes, in MY size! For good measure, I added a matching thin belt and coordinating vintage bag, and zoom, zoom! I'm outta here! Ciao!

"the outfit gets a boost of warmth with caramel colored leather shoes and accessories"

Now Wearing:
  • GAP Black cotton dress, hemmed. The GAP
  • Christian Dior, vintage lace-trimmed camisole, thrifted
  • Apt. 9, black & white abstract print full skirt, thrifted
  • Accessories: Vintage tan leather belt, purse & "monk" shoes, thrifted

P.S. POLKA DOT. Jill the woman behind the blog, Polka Dot Streetstyle from London, is working with American Apparel to showcase a new product from AA fresh from the sweatshop-free factory in L.A. The new product is riding pants, and Madame Polka Dot did a terrific job with a fresh face on the streets of London.  The model and the pants look sleek and classy, a bit of a change of pace for AA who seems to like their models tart. I kinda wish they'd use more sweet images like this one:

(Photo courtesy of Polka Dot. You can see the original post here)


Anonymous said...

Nice bag:)

Isquisofrenia said...

awesome dress, love how you paired it with those shoes!!

Kerry said...

damn! hot hot hot hot!!

thatsorad said...

Awesome threads! Love your tats! Dot rocks! :) I hope she is posted allover the place!

Martwa Marta said...

awesome outfit! i am in love with your tats... anyway, i am cosidering having a one or even two... ok, maybe three... but i can't make up my mind! i have so many ideas! also, i am afrad that i will get bored with one tatoo and i will regret making this... uuuh...

Meggstatus said...

I want your shoes they are perfectly work and the color??? Amazing.

Elaine said...

I love black and brown together! I can't believe someone said it was a bad combo once because it is one of my faves. And you have short hair!! I'm so jealous :( I wish i could pull off short hair :(:(:(

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feministified said...


Violet Folklore said...

That belt is TO DIE FOR! This is my favorite outfit so far!


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